Ebook what are they?


Ebook what are they?

eBooks what are they?

An  eBook , aka  eBook is a digital version of a book. The hundreds of pages of paper are condensed into one file on the computer, you can download from the Internet and read comfortably in our home. 
The term e-book or ebook can you referred is ambiguous because both the device used to read books, and the book itself. While it is true that the books we read in the mobile screen laptop, tablet or there are some specific devices for this.
These devices, known popularly as ebook , mimic the sheet of paper making reading more comfortable than on the computer screen. The advantages of e-books are varied.


  • They are very light. If you're traveling you do not have to choose just one book! In addition, they are environmentally friendly because they do not spend paper.
  • You can read different types of files anywhere as long that we have a wifi connection. We can also download previously at home and grab anywhere we want.
  • The display uses a system of electronic ink , that is, imitates the sheets of paper. With no brightness (such as tablets or mobile) can be read in any light conditions without tiring sight.
  • They are directly connected to store books or electronic editions of newspapers or magazines. 
  • You can write things down or underline what you think important.
  • There are a lot of free books that can be downloaded legally in online libraries.
E-books are becoming increasingly popularhave lowered their prices and are more accessible. Ideal for those going all day with the book under his arm option. 

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