How Paypal works and what does


How Paypal works and what does

Paypal is a payment system through the web and mobile that serves as the universal credit card internet. You can use it in almost all online stores . 
Paypal works very easily and can  be purchased by the network without having to give card numbers  credit.  
Created as an independent company in 1998 from the merger of two other companies, it was bought by the online auction site Ebay in 2002 to become the preferred means of payment for your page. The success was absolute and Paypal is one of the crown jewels of Ebay. Manages 18% of global electronic commerce; ie one in five operations passes through their servers. In Spain there are 1.4 million users, according to the company, a new account is created every 25 seconds. 
To use Paypal you first have to register . Give your basic information and a checking account or credit card to associate your payments. This information will never see the other side. For others, you give yourself a Paypal account (which is usually an email address) and the number you enter. For stores, Paypal progresses your payment and you charge on the card or account you've given after a week or so.
Payable Paypal  does not charge the buying , but the seller.  Among individuals  who are discharged from   service transfers can be sent receiving the full amount, and if it is international,  you save the commission of the bank The transaction, in this case, is instantaneous and only charge a fee if credit card is used and not a current account. 
Obviously a system like this, abundant phishing , and there have been many attempts to steal data users who thought they were in contact with your Paypal account. As in the case of banks, remember to never take data and if requested, recalls you check what they are doing.

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