How to appear in Google Shopping


 Tutorial: How to appear in Google Shopping

One of the most important SEM tips that may be a while for those sites eCommerce  or want to sell online and take advantage of organic traffic is how to position on Google Shopping . Since it is possible to generate leads through the SERP  normal, but being in Google Shopping not only allows us to have a special section in normal results, but an entire section in which we can out of the way pages with which we compete despite that they do not sell any products. So if you have an online store or something similar, this article should be a must  for you.
SEO: How to appear in Google Shopping
SEM: Exiting in Google Shopping

How Google Shopping

First, to start appearing in Google Shopping, we need to know what is and a little about how it works. Shopping is a Google program where sellers can upload their products to an account inGoogle Merchant , a platform for storing and serving product feeds so that their products can appear in search results with AdWords ads and organic results, as well as in the specific section of Google Shopping. These products should always contain an image, price and URL. But first, we must make a small digression:

Is Google Free Shopping?

Google Shopping until 2012 was a completely free service that used the Googlebot  to index in the exclusive section Shopping in Subsequently it introduced into Google AdWords to show some results of product listings in search results through advertisements. And in autumn 2012 became Google Shopping in a service fully paid .

Continued ...

And knowing that it is a service fully paid, we continue. Google uses the information from product feeds that are uploaded through Google Merchant Center and use the part of bids, budgets and promotional texts for Google AdWords ads. Thus you also have the possibility of using segmentation and promotion of some products according to the brand, product ID, condition, product type and attributes.

What you need to publish your products on Google Shopping?

Here we list the list of all Google services that should be activated and partners to start posting your products Shopping:
  • Google Merchant Center account
  • Google AdWords account
  • Google Analytics account
  • Webmaster Tools account
The last two are not mandatory, but it is probably advisable to have them. Then you must link your Analytics account or Webmaster Tools to Merchant Center.
Once you do this, you must create your product feed. This can be done in two ways:
  • Associating your catalog of products to the Merchant Center through your shopping cart to climb from time to time and update.
  • Or enter perdi√≥dicamente to manually upload products.

I've uploaded the feed product, now what?

Once you upload your products and accepted, you can go to your AdWords account and create campaigns to promote them. These campaigns what they will do is to show the ads with product listings when people do searches related to Google.
Like a normal AdWords campaign, Google Shopping ads also work to CPC  (cost per click) and have a daily budget. In addition you can also enable or disable on specific days or times, and you can also filter by negative results.


Final Words

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