How to capture screen easily


How to capture screen easily

Let's see how to capture screen easily , because sometimes we have to immortalize what we see on the computer screen to send or save. 
Depending on the computer or mobile device you have, to make a screenshot we have several possibilities. That is, if we have a Mac (the Apple computer brand) will not take place as in a computer running the Windows operating system. 

To make a screenshot and save it as an image in Windows

Put on the window you want to capture and press the key PRINT SCREEN . If you only want to capture a particular window, click the window and press, simultaneously, ALT and PRINT SCREEN.  Then open the program Paint, click on the menu Edit and thenPaste . Then you have to give to File and Save As , you put the name and give clickSave . 

To make a screenshot and save it to Mac

To screenshot on an Apple computer can press the key combination Shift-Command (apple) + 3 and saved to your desktop capture the entire screen. 
Another option is to press the key combination Shift-Command (apple) + 4 and then with the mouse can drag hand to select which part of the screen you want to capture, then it is saved on the desktop. 
If after making the key combination Shift-Command (apple) + 4, press the space bar , the cursor changes to a camera and we can choose what we want to capture particular window. It is automatically saved on the desktop. 

To make a screenshot and save it to an Android phone

Depending on your phone model screenshot is done differently. For now, screenshots can only be performed on Android 4.0 (as the LG Nexus, Nexus 5, Aquarius BQ, ...) by simultaneously pressing the button on / off and volume - (down) . However, in Samsung models it is performed with the combination of ON / OFF and HOME . The capture is automatically saved in the gallery of the phone.

To make a screenshot and save it to an iPhone, iPod or iPad

To make a screenshot on a portable device of the Apple brand, we have to push the button once ON / OFF and HOME button (or start). It is automatically saved in the gallery and then you can share it through social, email networks ...

Final Words

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