How to register your Web site search engine?


 How to register your Web site search engine?

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If you wonder how to register your website in Google and other search engines, you should read this:
The issue is not as you think.
No, you do not have to register your page on Google or anything like that.
It's easier than that, though perhaps less controllable.
Let me explain the steps you must take to leave your Web in search engine results
google search
How to register your site search engine

What is search engine optimization, or SEO?

You may think that you know, or it may be the first time in your life to read about it.
But if you ask the question of how to register your site in search engines, you need this explanation.
The search engine positioning  is summarized, as well it does Wikipedia , the optimization of Web pages and content to try to appear in the top positions of search results .
there are people who call this "Web positioning", but it is not a term too correct.
What I'm going with this is that you can not decide specifically what position to go out and do searches.
It would be too good to be true.
Just at the time that your pages are discharged from the search engines, or indexed, they start competing against other sites that have similar content to try to get the highest position.
There are many SEO factors that determine which page ranks best, but that's another topic.
Let's keep going…

Is the positioning and search engine submission relate?

Of course.
Really one thing happens after another.
Once your pages are being indexed by Google, Bing and company can start working positioning.
I'm not being clear? I summarize:
Be indexed, or be registered on search engines means that simply show up in searches.
That means you can appear on the first page, in the third, on the 27th, etc.
This is not up to you, but you must work for it.
The work you do to try to move up is what is called search engine optimization or SEO .
But again we're diverting. To which we:

Does giving high search engine is free?

Short answer: Yes.
As I go along, I begin to be more specific, right?
Unless your Web site is blocked to prevent it, Google and other search engines are responsible for crawling your site.
They use powerful programs that are constantly scanning the Web to index new content.
For Google or Bing, these programs are called Googlebot and Bingbot respectively.
As this happens automatically, they do not charge anything. Register with search engines for free .

But I have my website and does not seem index, what do I do?

This could clarify in detail later with an entire article.
But as fast as I can suggest it is that you check if you have a file robots.txt  that is preventing the search engine robots from accessing your page.
If your site is created in WordPress, you confirm that you have not selected this option inSettings-> Reading :
deter search engines to index site
deter search engines to index site

How to register your website in Google or Bing

As I've been trying to explain to throughout the article:
You do not give it high.
Indexing happens automatically and can take from seconds to weeks to happen .
Of course, there are some tricks and tips to try to speed up the registration process of your page in Google and other search engines .
They are:

High in Webmaster Tools

It's the first thing you should do.
Not only to index soon, but because you can control a lot more about your site.
By creating an account in Google Webmaster Tools  and associate your Web site to this tool, you're doing Google know your site exists and ETA there, ready to be indexed.

Create and send Sitemap.xml

Like the previous step, create an XML Sitemap file has many functions more than just registering your site in search engines.
It is a file that lists all pages should be indexed by search engines.
It just works as a guide or map of how your page should robots.
You can automatically generate your Sitemap here .
Or if your site is WordPress, there are several plugins that take care of this, and this .
Once you have created your Sitemap, you must log in to Google Webmaster Tools and send.
Send Google Sitemap
Send Google Sitemap

Send content or site to Google or Bing

Both Google and Bing give the possibility to send them your content or your Web sites to alert them and that they can be considered for indexing.

But beware:
This means nothing really.
Does not mean it will be indexed immediately or anything like that.
It could also take even weeks, so be patient.

Link from other sites

Moreover, another way to make Google or Bing realize your site or your pages there are backlinks.
Backlinks are incoming links. They make links from other pages to yours.
If you link pages that crawl robots often quicker you may be indexed.

How to know if Google has registered your website

Finally, you should know how to verify that your pages have been indexed.
NO do a simple search for a term related to your content or site.
If it is a very recent site, and therefore with little authority, you are probably not in the top search results.
Therefore, you should do a search like this:
In Google:
Both Bing and Google, it is a command that will work perfectly.
If doing this quest, replacing "" for your Web site, you will see if it was discharged by the search engines with just see if that brings results.

I hope this helps you know how to register your site in search engines .
If this article was helpful, or if you have any questions, or if you just want to insult me, leave me a comment .


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