Improves privacy of WhatsApp


Improves privacy of WhatsApp

Do you know that the latest version of WhatsApp can improve your privacy? With a simple adjustment, you can prevent others from seeing your profile picture or your status.
WhatsApp is an essential tool in our daily lives and has revolutionized the way we communicate with our contacts from the mobile phone.

However, as WhatsApp is linked to our phone number, anyone could view our photo with your phone just add to your contact list. To prevent those who do not want to see your photo or the last time you've connected, you simply have to enter the section Settings menu and access the account , where you will see all the options of privacy available.

Once you enter this screen, you can specify who can see the last time you logged , whom you will be shown your profile picture or what people can check your status (custom text that appears next to your name).
In all these fields you can choose between granting access to any ( " all "), limit it only to whoever is in your list of contacts (so that if you are not on your agenda previously not be able to see your private information) or block these options completely ( " no ").
The best practice, in general, is to choose the option of limiting access only those who already have in your address book ( " my contacts ") so that you always have full control. Just add a number to your schedule so you can have access to all the personal information we share on WhatsApp, that easy.

How to block a contact on WhatsApp

Similarly, you have the ability to block certain contacts , adding its number one by one so that they are not able in any way to contact you via WhatsApp (or by text message or per call). This is great if someone is bothering you, because from that moment for that person will be like you have not installed WhatsApp.

As you can see, it is easy to use privacy settings WhatsApp and decide what information to share with others, whether known or are strangers.

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