Listen to music and Internet radio


Listen to music and Internet radio

To listen to the radio or music online , only do we need a laptop and be connected to the wireless (WLAN) . 

Local or places like cafes, hotels, libraries, etc. wifi offering its Internet users are becoming more and are known by the name of  Hotspots  The operating range of the wireless signal is typically 50-500 meters , and in some cases have access to the Internet for free . The quality of the sound will be higher because this is digital .
Regarding stations online radio , we choose the frequency we want to hear. There areexclusive websites that are dedicated to offering songs, radio stations , etc. and any type of digital audio . But we can also view video clips of our favorite artists and groups. There are all kinds of music: rock, pop, heavy, etc. In addition, many groups have their own website , with extra content such as photos, downloads, wallpapers, etc.
As if this were not enough, we can purchase songs online legally, paying a small fee. We have the option to buy the whole album or individual songs. Subsequently, we can createour own music list with our favorite songs.

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