Making a strong password


Making a strong password

In this articles we will see how to make a strong password for our email, Facebook or any place where we know high. 
On previous occasions we have talked about Internet security and the precautions we take to avoid being victims of theft or fraud. In our email accounts, social networks, accounts shops, ... keep much valuable information that we should not expose anyone and the only way to protect them is with a strong password.
Many of you know that to have a strong password to hacks and foreign friends shouldavoid passwords like "1234" or "123abc" , however, many users who continue this practice so widespread. Let's see then how to make a strong password step by step.

Make it easy to remember

The first thing we need to do to create a strong password is we find something that is easy to remember, but just for you! We can all remember beyond our birthday or the name of your pet.

Combine numbers and letters

Uniting two easy ideas will recall our strong password. For example, you can alter your birthday with the name of the pet.So if our dog is called cinnamon and our birth date is 8/24/75 we can create a password as ca24ne08la75

If you still want more secure ...

A combination of numbers and letters we can add two more variations: capitalization and punctuation. Continuing the old password we can make safer if modified as follows: Ca24Ne08La75.

Other tricks that we can use ...

  • Replace letters with numbers. We can place a 0 instead of a O, or 3 instead of E
  • Replace letters with signs. For example, R can be a! or A can be a @

Final Words

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