On the black hat SEO (II): Strategies penalized


 On the black hat SEO (II): Strategies penalized


Where was I? So! Speaking about the black hat SEO strategies. Prohibid√≠simas, remember. In the previous post I rolled a little and I could only talk about spam, but there are many who have not yet spoken. Here are a few more: 


Some black hat SEO strategies try to fool Googlebot (poor deluded!). Google sees web pages using a robot crawler, Googlebot. Googlebot is read web pages as if it were a human, which is crucial to position them correctly in the search results pages. The deception of which I speak is to make Googlebot "see" something different from what users see. This can be achieved in several ways:

Using hidden text: key words are written on the page, in the same color as the background of the web, so that they are readable Googlebot but go unnoticed by the user.
Using cloaking: the cloaking shows different content to search engines from showing to users. This is achieved through a program that identifies whether who is accessing our website is a human or a tracker (as identified by the IP). If he is human, he is sent to the normal page; if a tracker, you are redirected to a page for SEO sopreoptimizada
Others without too many scruples resort to plagiarism lifetime. Copy content from others and pass them off as their own. This is not only very penalized by the search engines, but is also ethically reprehensible and, in some cases, can bring legal problems.
Like carrion birds, some black hat SEO take advantage of expired domains but still enjoy a good positioning on the Internet; They buy them and then redirect traffic from these domains to the pages that interest them.
Calls link farms are networks of sites that exchange links with each other to increase its popularity. Work with the classic "if you put a link to my page in yours, I'll put it in mine."
As I say these are just a few of the many tricks out there. If you are thinking of resorting to black hat SEO, I recommend you think it twice. Google is getting smarter and sooner or later eventually catch cheaters. In SEO, as in many other aspects of life, we must be wary of shortcuts.


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