On the black hat SEO or seo strategies penalized


 On the black hat SEO or seo strategies penalized


As an apprentice so I am dedicated to help rank the websites of our customers. This work takes time. We talked about weeks or even months. Most clients understand, but there are others who want to go faster. Some even do not hesitate to suggest to break the rules of SEO. Those customers invite me to expensive restaurants and the desktop approach and I whisper in his ear two words: black hat. And then I get up from the table and replied indignantly that YoSEO Marketing will never resort to black hat.


black hat seo

 Now surely new to the subject you might be wondering what is that of black hat, and suggest that its use may offend any SEO well. For the black hat in SEO would be something like doping in the sports world: a set of "undesirable" to position itself quickly in search engines techniques.

Black hat techniques are undesirable because they are highly penalized by Google. The results of the black hat are noticed quickly, but its success is ephemeral. As Google finds a page applies black hat techniques is soon punish causing it to lose a lot of positions in search results. Therefore, the best for a good SEO positioning still follow the rules of Google and provide users with quality content.

Now for the curious here are some of the black hat techniques. Grabéis hope that in your memory as you should NEVER do a good SEO.

SPAM: Spam in SEO is posting on forums, blogs, news sites, in order to leave links to our website. It really is not as bad practice as a corrupt practice. You can comment on others sites, the site has any relationship to the theme of our website; what is considered malpractice is bundling a post in any place, regardless of what is spoken there. That is, if you bring a page of health is not appropriate currents forum Big Brother, for example. Nor are well seen comments like: "Great post!". Besides managers and other forums are more than prevented to these practices and will not hesitate to ban anyone who will see the duster. The use of backlinks (links to our site from other sites) is a science and therefore deserves a separate chapter.

I think that this article is already taking too long. And I still have many black hat techniques in the pipeline! But users do not like too long texts. It is better to leave it here. But do not worry, the next day I will continue talking about black hat techniques.

Final Words

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