The term phishing can be confusing to users who are not very accustomed to using the Internet, it is a widespread scam in network.
Every time we heard more often in the media because it is becoming, unfortunately, a frequent practice. However, in many cases we know neither referred nor how to protect it.
To start let's define what is phishing . This word comes from the English word fishing,which means fish. And they could not have picked a better term for this practice, and that she intended to scammers is 'fish' to the user and that this them of their private data (passwords, bank account numbers, credit card, identity, etc. .) for fraudulent purposes .
The modus operandi of these scammers is to replace the image of a company, bank or public for the victim of fraud provide them with data . What actually happens is that this data will end up in the wrong hands.

Phishing can occur in several ways

The most common is email . In this case the user receives an e-mail whose sender appears to be from a bank or government agency . But nothing is further from reality because what happens is that someone is impersonating that entity to obtain the data.Generally refer reasons of security, maintenance, service improvements, surveys, confirmation of identity for the user to send the information. Normally the mail brings attached some form, false connection and comes adorned with official logo to give the impression that it is official .
Phone call . Similarly happens with emails, we received a phone call in which the person on the other line is passed by an entity (a very common is the Tax Office) for the user to specify the data .
The web pages or pop are some of the most commonly used practices. These pages are very similar to the official pictures of the company or organization appearance. The most common are imitations bank pages . Other web sites use flashy but unrealistic deals ganchos¿ `How to user data. A well-known case is that of the websites of mobile phone top to steal bank details.
The SMS . This practice has become so widespread that reaches our phones as a message. Great care.


The most effective measure we can take is to never answer a request for personal information via e-mail, call or SMS . When you want to access the website of our bank it is better to type the url and not do it through links from anywhere. A bank will never ask us our personal data for a simple reason: They already have them . If we take all this into account we have no reason to fear using online banking services.

Final Words

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