Retro Photo With Your Mobile Phone


retro photo with your mobile phone

In this article we explain how to take pictures with your mobile retro , l or more of the most right now is to use the latest technology to be older than anyone. Back to 80's, 70's, 60's ... to where you want. 
It is what many programs that convert your photos into images that seem taken decades, although you did today and I have not enough time to send them to  Twitter or  Facebook And using a camera phone.
The fever broke Hipstamatic , an iPhone application that, like the Lomo camera orHarinezumi distorts the colors to make them look almost burnt. But it also does more.As you can choose the camera that filters, you can take a sepia tone, blur the picture and do it all at once, which gives a more personal effect. The program has been so successful that it has led to guides, sites, blogs or forums lovers of this kind of photos.There is also a competition driven by its creators, where you can send the snapshots directly from the phone.
Also for iPhone and Instagram they are Instamatic. Instamatic is an editor applying retro effect or new photos you've taken. It is powerful enough to be mobile, because they can fit, clarify, distorting ...
Instagram , however, is intended as a community photos that you apply preset the photos you take or you have but then display them on your public profile filters.
If you have Android, there are also own similar applications as Vignette or retro c├ímara Plus (which has a limited free version) and are very similar to the above.
Are newer Android Little Photo , which is free and whose effects can be layered and choosing one by one. Roidizer , which gives the color of the Polaroid.