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Secure Internet
secure Internet

To surf the web without worry is to better understand the keys to a secure Internet .We'll tell you then.
Currently public agencies are responsible for providing information, both to younger and parents and educators about the precautions to be taken into Internet, especially in the use of personal data, social networks, caution with the use of the image, sexting and using the webcam.
Several websites show content to learn to navigate safely through the network of networks and in handling other technologies such as mobile phones. As you can see in the video warn about the practice of sending images compromised by phone , known as sexting. For its part, the portal Yahoo! has launched a website designed to provide information and advice to make decisions safer in Internet browsing. At Yahoo! we can surely find tips on social networking classified into age groups, cyber-bullying or tools to filter web that can be very useful for parents. 

On the web say WHAT must educate for privacy, the image management and personal data, the careful use of the webcam and the consequences of sexting. The studios and now so show, and is a common need for children and adolescents of all paĆ­ses¿. The truth is that the data speak for themselves. Examples: . * 30% of young people have participated in some form of sending nude photos * 29% of those who send such photos, do people who only know the Internet and those who have never met in person. * 15% between 11 and 16 years received messages through some friend or sexual images to talk about having sex or images of people naked or having sex. on the other hand, the portal lad of offers tips, news and educational games through which you will be able to learn to sail properly and protect your children from the dangers.In Hogarutil also we have articles about phishing and secure purchases on the Internet .And you, you control your children when they are online? Do you have enough precautions? Make this means a safer environment is in everyone's hands.

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