SEO guide "How to dominate Google in 10 steps"


 SEO guide "How to dominate Google in 10 steps"


Why have we written this SEO guide ?

We are fed up with that no SEO guide in Castilian that covers from the simplest concept of SEO, even the most advanced positioning techniques. We want this guide will be useful whether you're just starting out in the world of SEO, or you're already an expert who only seeks to reinforce their knowledge. Chapter to give you actionable tips that you can apply at the time to get to position your website in search engines.
We would like to ensure that this guide is the answer to all your questions about SEO, either how search engines work or how to choose the KPI's suitable for your content strategy.

1 - What is SEO?

How Google works? Why should I take SEO seriously? If you have these questions you should read you here that we explain everything you need to understand the dark world of SEO before we dive.

2 - Factors affecting the SEO positioning

There are over 200 ranking factors, at this point we will identify the most influential factors in search results as the authority, usability, social cues or technical aspects of a website.

3 - How to make a website optimized for SEO

Loading speed, duplicate content, cannibalizing keywords or keyword stuffing are some of the concepts to be clear when it comes to optimize the SEO of a website. We analyze each of them in depth.

4 - Keyword research

The search for keywords is one of the essential steps in optimizing a website. In this study as the user searches for your website in the search engines and how to choose the best keywords for your website.

5 - Competition Analysis

Know your competitors and know what your strengths and weaknesses are, is essential when thinking about an SEO strategy. Improve your ranking will be a piece of cake after reading this chapter.

6 - How to generate links to SEO?

The Link Building is a key point in a SEO strategy will teach you to understand what is and how to build links naturally through various actions and strategies.

7 - vertical search engines

Youtube is the second largest search engine in number of users, the SEO for images, videos, news or Apps are increasingly important part of a strategy to diversify the content and reach more users.

8 - Tools for SEO

It is very important to know what tools are the ones that best suit your work in this analyze the best tools and plug-ins SEO to optimize and accelerate your processes.

9 - Measuring SEO results

It is very difficult to know if an SEO strategy or not the expected results in this chapter show you how to measure traffic performance, user experience and how to know if your content is optimized.

10 - Making a report of SEO

After the results of a campaign is very important to present them so that they understand. Choose the right KPI knowing what to look for the client is essential to make a good impression of your work.

Bonus - SEO Dictionary

Always have at hand the definitions of the most important concepts in SEO.


Final Words

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