SEO Tools: SEMRush vs. Sistrix. Comparison and reviews


 SEO Tools: SEMRush vs. Sistrix. Comparison and reviews

You have to audit and analyze sites, analyze organic and paid traffic, analyze sites of your competitors and compare yourself with them, etc.

For that, Sistrix and SEMRush are very good tools.

But if you pay, you pay both? Does it make sense?

There are no items to make a good analysis and opinions of these two tools. Non-promotional purposes.

So let's make comparisons vs. SEMRush Sistrix so you can choose what suits you best.
SEMRush vs Sistrix
SEMRush vs Sistrix

Comparison vs. SEMRush Sistrix

In principle, both are powerful SEO tools with very similar functions.

Both have many tools for SEO and other SEM.

SEO audit:

Both SEM Rush as Sistrix have a very powerful and more useful to analyze the overall a website SEO tool.
In SEMRush they call him "audit" in Sistrix mientra call him "Onpage Analysis" as part Optimizer.
In any case, both do this:
  • Crawl pages Site
  • Detect duplicate content
  • Errors in titles, meta descriptions, etc.
  • 404 pages with errors
  • URLs errors
Generally, all you have to check on your site or could be a problem for the SEO.
SEO audit Sistrix
SEO audit Sistrix: Errors, warnings and recommendations

Organic traffic:

You can see the positions of your pages keyword organic changes in the SERPs and also that of your competitors
SEMRush Organic Traffic
SEMRush Organic Traffic

Payment traffic:

Besides the same things you can do in SEO, you can see copies using competition in ads as well as the history of ads that have been used, which have bid, etc.
SEM Rush payment analysis
SEM Rush payment analysis

Keyword ideas:

They allow you to get keyword ideas that could explode, in terms of both competition and own data to define what opportunities are ma convenient for traffic that brings you to the competition, or what is bid for those terms in SEM, etc.
SEMRush keywords
SEMRush keywords

Keyword tracking:

In both tools, you can add a number of keywords on nuetro business or our website and go by tracking the developments that have, in addition to information of historical progress.
Sistrix keywords
Sistrix keywords


It is possible to see how many backlinks you have a website, and how many reference domains are what make these inbound links. Remember that a good range of connections, and value, of course, are vital to the success of a site SEO. Here Sistrix makes a big difference I will explain later.
SEM Rush backlinks
SEM Rush backlinks


Within the optimization part SEM, also have very similar functions; Analyze the keywords for which you are paying or see ads on a page. You can also view the history or the evolution of investment of our site or from a competitor, get opportunities in terms of quality, competence and cost bid, among other things.
Sistrix Ads
Sistrix Ads

Differences vs. Sistrix SEMRush

Let's what matters, right?
Well, beyond specific points, I will give a personal vision after using both SEO tools.

In summary:

In favor of SEMRush

Especially for use Spain as a target country, the data are more complete SEM Rush . Ojo, the data show, not the services they offer.
This means that, especially for those working with customer sites low traffic and low investment in SEM, often could be found in Sistrix that there is insufficient data to show .
In that case, it is advisable to make the free trial and see if they are useful or not.
The limits, numbers and prices currently seem clearer and supply can be better.
That is to say:
If all modules Sistrix or Business version SEMRush is not hire, I would have to evaluate what is best for each user: If one or two modules Sistrix with overall performance, or a full version of SEM Rush, with limit use (page limit track or create projects, etc.)
And finally, all that can be done, the number of pages to crawl or projects and others, it is best explained in Sistrix SEMRush.

In favor of Sistrix

Having said the last point of SEM Rush, now include:
Perhaps the problem is that it has something Sistrix over secrecy.
If communicate all better, or if it would be easier to start your free trial, we could see what they offer, at least in Spain, is more complete (in features, not data) and cheaper than SEMRush just comparing the latest version of each one of them.

In addition, how to display the data and information SEMRush is much less clear and quick to see that Sistrix .
That is, show graphs instead of numbers to compare the level of competition or traffic for a keyword.
Or to overlay multiple competitors and your place in the same graph to compare without seeing one by one.

Key points to Sistrix

Something I find particularly remarkable is the tool LinkAssistant .
This allows us to analyze each of the backlinks, not in a simple way, but that tells you whether or not a beneficial link. Because as we said earlier, not every link is good, and this lets us know that even if any should disavow.
Sistrix LinkRating
Sistrix LinkRating
And finally, traffic analysis is based on the updates in the Google algorithms .
Just as we can leave notes for each day in which something important happened to our site that might affect traffic, Sistrix already has a number of anotacines that can help you determine if your traffic ranged from a change in an algorithm of Google or some other relevant external appearance.

Price Plans

Price SEMRush

SEMRush is a tool and more established in the international market and has a very clearly defined pricing system, which would be something like this, depending on the three types of plans that offer:
prices SEMRush
prices SEMRush

Monthly price

Pro version : $ 69.95
Guru Version : $ 149.95
Business Version : $ 549.95

annual price

Pro : $ 699.50
Guru Version : $ 1,499.50
Business Version : $ 5,499.50

Price Sistrix

Sistrix unfortunately not set their prices as clearly as it does SEMRush.
What it does is to tailor each solution to each user.
Depending on the modules you want to hire, it makes us a price.
As we discussed in SEO blog , the current basic price is € 99 per month and can reach € 400 per month , depending on the solution chosen modules.
prices Sistrix

But it is also true that they have been changing its pricing strategy.

For example, in Spain, as a promotion, you can hire all the modules for a single price less than 400 mentioned above.

In short, it is best that everyone try each of the SEO tools here compared and can determine your needs before paying for them.

Fortunately, both let you test, limitadillas but quite functional, without paying.

Registration SEMRush
Registration Sistrix

What SEO tool look better between these two? Or would you like another? Comment!

Final Words

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