Steps How To Install Windows 8 Final (complete with pictures)


Steps How To Install Windows 8 Final (complete with pictures)

Now the final version of Windows 8 has been released by Microsoft, having previously launched and made gradually through different channels. For those of you who do not really understand about windows 8, the following we will share step by step how to install Windows 8 final complete with pictures to a computer or to a notebook and favorite laptop each, whether it be through the medium of DVD windows 8 or using a USB stick ,
The necessary tools ie its 8 windows installation CD, if not have please download the final version of Windows 8 from Microsoft or purchase through one of the official channels that are already available. If you already have an .iso file and do not know how to move it to a CD or DVD, 

If you want to run Windows 8 in a virtual machine, a free software that you can use is VirtualBox. When instituting a New Virtual Machine Wizard, select the Windows 8 operating system and Virtual Box will adjust its settings so that everything runs smoothly. Step by step How to install Windows 8

First, you need to boot your computer using Windows 8 installation media (CD or USB flash drive). If you are using a virtual machine, boot from the installation .iso image.
Windows 8 takes a few moments to load the setup file, where you will see most of the black screen, similar to the image below. After the necessary files are copied, the setup starts by asking what the language, time, currency and input settings keyboard you want to use. Make your choice and click Next . Click the "Install Now" to begin the installation process of Windows 8 you will be prompted to enter a product key is required to enable the installation of Windows 8. Type the product key that you purchased and click Next. If you have purchased a retail version of Windows 8, the product key will be found in the packaging installation discs. The product key will then be prompted to activate Windows 8, after the installation is complete, you will be asked to read the license agreement, check the box marked "I accept the license terms" and click the button Next you will be asked to choose between making an upgrade or custom installation. Choose "Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)"Now you will be asked to choose where you want to install Windows 8. Select the partition you want and click Next . If you install Windows 8 in a virtual machine, or on a new computer you must first create partitions. Therefore click Drive Options . Then, create a new partition by using the button New . Define the desired partition size and click Apply Note: Windows 8 requires at least a space harrdisk 10GB, if you want to install other applications on the same partition at least make a minimum of 20 - will be asked to confirm if it is OK Windows 8 creates an additional partitions for system files, which will be used to boot and recovery. Click OK . Make sure the correct partition is selected and click Next.

NOTE: In this step, you can format the partition on which Windows 8 will be installed, before pressing Next. Installation finally begun. Setup will take a few minutes to copy all the required files and install the operating system. Once installation is complete, Windows 8 setup will automatically reboot the system. Then, you will see the process of the preparations made ​​for the first login. In order for this process is complete, restart Maybe diperukan several times more, depending on the hardware configuration of each computer.

Personalization Installing Windows 8

After the reboot is complete, Windows 8 will require some time to prepare everything.Then, you will be asked to personalize your Windows 8 installation. Start by giving a name to your computer. If you type a few characters "illegitimate" such as $,%, &, you will be told that this character can not be used. Also, choose the background color you want. When finished, click Next . If you install Windows 8 on a laptop or a device with a wireless network card (wifi), you will be prompted to choose a wireless network to connect and enter the appropriate password to connect to a wifi network. On the computer or device connected via cable to the network, you're not going through this step.

 Next, you need to choose whether you want to use the Express Settings which is bundled with Windows 8, or you want to customize your installation. For this we will choose the Customize option, click Customize . First, you'll be asked if you want to enable file sharing or not. Please select the option you want. Then you will be asked for the desired settings in the Windows updates, and security features like the SmartScreen Filter, Seuaikan with the wishes of each and click Next . Next, you'll be asked if you want to send different types of information to Microsoft , Please arrange things according to your preferences and click Next . Then, you were asked about problem-solving and the choice of what you want to turn it on. Also, you can set if the application can use the name and account picture, and if they are allowed to access your location. Please set things the way you want and click Next . Finally, you get to the screen " Sign in to your PC ". To be able to feel the difference of Windows 8 completely, it is best to use a Microsoft account (also known as Windows Live ID, email account hotmail) to sign in Type your Microsoft account and click Next . Note: If you prefer not to sign in using a Microsoft account, click link "Sign in without a Microsoft account" at the bottom of the window and follow the instructions shown by the setup wizard.

Then, you will be prompted to enter a password Microsoft account. Type and clickNext . Then, you can provide e-mail and an alternate phone number to recover your account password, if you have forgotten or changed by unwanted people. Please fill in the requested details and click Next . Windows 8 takes time to prepare your computer and all settings, please be patient. While the preparation is done, you will be shown a short tutorial on how to access the bar a new charm (Charm Bar) - one of the most important changes in Windows 8. I recommend that you pay attention to the instructions displayed on this stage. Once the tutorial is over, you will display more information about the progress of Windows 8 customization through color screens and some messages. Once everything is finished, you will be shown the Windows 8 Start screen. If you press Win + D or click on the tile desktop, you can also see and find the classic desktop. Welcome to Shades of Windows 8

Conclusion: As we can see from this article, Installing Windows 8 in a way that is very similar to Windows 7, but as we get closer to the login screen the first time, things changed dramatically not? New Interface Starting visible.

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