Technology to Extend Your Lifespan


3 Technology to Extend Your Lifespan

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Almost everyone would say they are scared to death, despite being old and dying is something that will be experienced by every person in this world. Because that's always been a lot of scientists who are trying to find a way to extend the lives of men, or even make humans immortal. Here is a technology that allows it.

Cell fusion

Researchers saw a lot of animals that can live longer and avoid the various diseases associated with old age when these animals go in restricting calorie or diet. However, it can not be proven fully that the diet is what causes the animals can live longer.

But does the aging process depends on a combination which is produced by cells in metabolic reactions, and this has been demonstrated in research using worms as reported by, written on Sunday (01/24/2016). However, the same can not necessarily work in humans.

Calico LLC

Calico LLC is a body created by Google in 2013 and has a major task to conduct research in finding ways to extend the human life span. They developed a drug that can improve the quality of Nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (NAMPT).

NAMPT play an important role in the metabolism and cell survival, so that if the drug is successful, people can live longer and more healthily.

Project 2045

A Russian named Dmitry itskov has conducted research to enable the removal of human consciousness into the body of non-biological like android or avatar. This study is targeted to be completed in the year 2045 and allow humans to live forever.

But of course many people are expecting, but pessimistic because of the absence of a prototype will be android, so perhaps this research will take longer than expected.

Final Words

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