The perfect WordPress SEO


 The perfect WordPress SEO

There is no exact recipe for the  perfect WordPress SEO , saying " install this plugin and your WordPress will be the last straw " is always false, you say what you say, it does not exist! Does this mean we can not have a  perfect WordPress SEO level ? Not at all, yes you can, but we have to make decisions, there is no recipe.
First things first, what things we have to consider that our very SEO WordPress? By mentioning them, we need to have clear: our content strategy, content structure, SEO tools (here are some SEO open source tools that can serve) which we will use, plugins that we can be useful for SEO ...

wordpress-seoFirst step: define your web

It is not the reason for this publication so we will not focus too much, shape your web, on paper or in the middle that you want, defines the structure of content and how to distribute them. Especially think about how you structure the URLs of your content, the types of items you will have defined on your website will help you define taxonomies that organize your content. Examines whether WordPress is your CMS, or is it better the other, as Prestashop ... Also if have accounts in social networks as a means of distribution.
For example, considering that the predefined WordPress taxonomies are "categories" and "tags", a site like of quotations shall be defined as follows:
  • Categories: type of character (philosophers, actors, coaches ...)
  • Tags: themes (soccer, sex, love, philosophy ...)
  • Author (custom taxonomy): the person who said the phrase (Plato, Fausto Luis Aragones ...)
You see, in this case has generated a taxonomy called author, used to sort the content based on who said the sentence, which will have a URL for each author, and their sentences will be easy to find for users and stop Google .
Moreover, there will be advertising? ¿Will sell something? Do you offer downloads? What performance we need? Define it all!

The role of your users

What will they do users on the web? Are they going to generate the content and a social network or a portal as Fanscup ? Okay, we think different profiles and management tools for them. They will being read to reach each independent content for SEO? In this case we must be very good at SEO, Will loyal readers? Then you will need a newsletter.
It is so important that you define this a poor choice will result in a website that has nothing to do with what we were looking at startup.

Already in WordPress: SEO plugins

First, there are many SEO plugins for WordPress, you yourself must be the one who decides what is best for your particular case, although we provide a list of the best WordPress plugins for SEO to give you and idea, the main functions that you are need for a good SEO in WordPress are:
  • Control of URLs, friendly, delete, or change the " category " and " tag " for categories and tags.
  • Metrics and analysis, often Google Analytics.
  • Taxonomies manager to customize or create some.
  • Management of user permissions, Newsletters, etc ... depending on the function that will have users.
  • social plugins to your users keep an account or just to share the content. This will depend largely on whether you use social networks to have a presence on it with a powerful fanpage to distribute content or not.
  • Management of advertising space, if you're going to have advertising.
  • Control of titles and meta tags, as well as structured data .
  • Cache management.
  • If you have high traffic volume and long strips Database, integrate Sphinx may be an option.
  • Viralizadores content if this will be an important source of traffic.
  • BackUp, or backup. every day, so do not lose valuable information from your website.

Do not install too many plugins

It is the common misconception that leads many people to say " hate WordPress " plugin is a double-edged sword, you can end up generating thousands of duplicate URLs, which Google will not like you, or you can have load times too long to reduce the performance of the website. To avoid these drawbacks  installs only the necessary plugins , and only you know what to do.
As you can see, the most important for the  SEO of your WordPress perfect is that the content is well organized, ask a good structure from the start will help us make our website contribute much value to our users, they share with us, and we grow.
If you have questions, you can leave a comment or write to try to help you, nothing like the experience for all this theory will translate into  healthy WordPress .


Final Words

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