Tips to stop spam


Tips to stop spam

With these tips to stop spam email and it will be cleaner safer your computer.
The spam or junk mail are all those mails we receive our mail box offering wonderful products, services of questionable legality or promise us become rich in a matter of minutes. All these emails are sent in bulk to millions of email accounts, without request of the sender (us) and adware.
In addition to filling our mailbox trash, spam is a gateway to our computer and our data . Even several times, is used to send emails from phishing . But how to get our e-mail? Most of the time buy from intermediaries who are dedicated to collect email addresses from Web, chats, social networks ... and many sites simply perform infinite combinations until you find valid addresses.

Fighting spam

The first thing to do is install a full security package on your computer . An antivirus is vital to protect your computer and block potential malware that want to operate without our permission. On the other hand, we should not give our email address anywhere.
Ideally you should have two email accounts , here we show how to manage them , one for personal use (which can receive emails from the bank, invoices, ...) and another to check on websites, point us to newsletters, chats, receive discounts. .. in addition, we should not open attachments from senders that we ignore, never responding to spamand teach our children these basic rules.
Create strong passwords , e-mail and never enter complex personal information is pop-ups, those that open automatically without us previously ask the open sites are also security measures that should end the spam. Finally query on your email provider about spam filters.

Final Words

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