What is the best way to learn SEO?


What is the best way to learn SEO?


What is the best way to learn SEO?

When someone asks me about what is the best course to learn SEO always think the same thing: "do you really think you've had time to thoroughly review all courses or masters of SEO that are offered in Spain?". Then comes a moment of silence, because I know they expect from me a very specific answer. And the most you correctly answer is "do not know" or even a "no".
Inevitably people feel cheated with my answers (or rather my no answers). Why do people insist that there must always be a "better" on anything? I can not say that is the best course to learn SEO unless its promoters would pay me a large sum of money.
 And I wonder:

Did courses are the best way to learn SEO?

And I answer myself: I do not think so.
Actually, I have not found any SEO course where you can not teach something to learn at your own risk. If you think about it, a course is no more than information that someone has taken the trouble to collect and organize in a more or less coherent agenda.
I do not mean by this that SEO courses are not useful, but it certainly seems exaggerated view SEO masters of more than 2,000 euros, the price at which only find justification if they give you a tablet and you are invited to lunch every day class.


It has always been said that in Spain suffer from titulitis and I think that's true. But I've known people who learned SEO reading manuals and searching information on the internet and I assure you give several turns assumptions Online Marketing gurus. Moreover, in a discipline such as SEO, everything you learned yesterday may worthlessness today.
In fact, before you sign up for a course on SEO, online or in person, you should ask yourself so you want to learn SEO. Why it is not the same as wanting to learn SEO because you have a website and want to locate it on Google to do it because you dream of being SEO consultant.
If you want to be SEO consultant, you should have a course on the subject. More than anything because you will be asked to work in any company, just as you would ask to have the food handler's license to work in a restaurant. But no matter what you say a diploma, the real SEO SEO only learn by doing .
If the SEO is not going to be your profession, I would think long before fanciest rooms. The time and effort to learn SEO do not you going to remove anyone, but if you can save money.
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