What to do if your mobile gets wet


What to do if your mobile gets wet

It can happen to everyone, but you know what to do if you wet your phone? We give you the keys to try and get it working again. 
When you least expected your mobile phone can be soaked in water and horror! we do not know what to do to save him. A glass of water than a silly fall in a puddle or fall within the basin falls in the wrong place, are situations in which your phone can get wet easily. If we have not been able to avoid any of these situations with these guidelines if you know what to do if you get wet mobile.

Salva battery

It is the most important part of our phone and suffers water phobia. The first thing to do is remove it and dry it as quickly as possible. In this way we avoid shorts and any possibility that our phone back to his old self.

Dry each of the parties

If you have removed the battery and have dried now is the time to go to one every drying a part of our mobile phone. To do so it is safest to use a paper towel or cloth to absorb every drop of water well. It is advisable to use a dryer, as the heat generated may damage some of the components of our mobile phone. Some experts advise to leave it near the fan of the computer or TV, because it emits little hot air for several days.

And the myth of rice ... true!

Although we did our best to dry your mobile phone is likely to remain residual moisture. To eliminate it altogether is best to use the successful myth of rice. For this prepares a cup of rice and put the different parts of the mobile inside, remaining all well covered, and leave within 24 hours.

Some things to know ...

  • If we get wet mobile in salt water before drying, we clean it thoroughly to remove the salt. 
  • The warranties do not cover water damage. Mobile phones incorporate a sensor water damage service that can easily be seen, so it will be almost impossible "colarsela" the warranty.

Final Words

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