How To Create Google Account


How To Create Google Account

Hi Friends Today Am Teach You  How To Create Google Account.

How To Create Google Account

1. Fast You Go  Click Here

Click Now Create an Account Or Sing In.

Fill  All details Information

Enter Your First Name And Last Name.

choose your username Login name his part will be your future email address ( ex: ). Click Now  check availability every time you choose username login Name Do this step until you see your_username is available message show up.

Now Enter Your Password Make it consist at least 8 characters. consist of letter and number with specific  like @#$%^&*+ too. Good password indicator provided by Gmail at right side. Make sure its Strong like picture below.

Choose Now Security Question Any One You Like.

Now You Enter Here Your Birthday Date And Recovery email can You Putt any Recovery email like yahoo , Hotmail , any other Emil and your birthday. Month/Day/Year.


Word Verification And Location Enter the characters you see. Term of service Click I accept. Create my account button to create your Gmail account. now click new setup button.

2 step verification Gmail account New Page  verification Enter your phone number in  international format. +country code+your phone number . 
Example : +96650015125 +966 is a country code and 530015125 is your Phone number And Select Text message (sms) and Wait your Gmail Verification Code SMS.

It wont long for the code arrived on your cell phone inbox. Enter Your 6 number codes a text message with your phone number inbox   xxx-xxx.

When you enter right code you’ll see this message.


You've successfully signed up for Gmail Here a quick run through to help you get comfortable.

Click button Show me my Account to start access your Gmail mailbox.