8 Surprising Facts About Blood


8 Surprising Facts About Blood

You can know the blood is not red or blue color or the color of blood drawn? If not, let us tell you that we are eight facts about blood and their answers to the questions that are most striking. These are derived from a report published on the day of the facts of the blood Deutsche Welle.

Blood in men than in women

Some seven to eight percent of our body weight consists of blood. Seventy kilograms is approximately five liters of blood in the male body, but the weight is reduced nearly half liters of blood in a woman's body. The amount of blood in the body depending on body length.

How quickly is the lack of blood?

When blood is donated nearly half a liter of blood from the body out to donate blood doctor. This causes ten percent of the blood in the body. The body starts working to meet the immediate reduction of blood. White blood cells, shortage of liquid and plates in the blood is all over in a few days, but the lack of red blood cells after nearly two months.

Death is often the result of lack of two liters of blood

If the injury is more blood flow in the body has the ability to quickly fill the void. After two liters or less than forty percent of blood the heart loses its ability to maintain blood circulation system. The other part of the body is to leave work and go into a coma. In such a situation can only be done by a blood transfusion.

Why is blood red or blue?

All vertebrate animals, the birds, fish and reptiles blood is red because of hemoglobin in their blood. A protein similar to oxygen and iron in the blood is blood red. Similarly, insects, spiders, oysters and octopus blood is blue because it contains iron in their blood hemoglobin. If blood is without color, they do not include oxygen in the blood.

Why metallic smell of blood?

In Sweden and Germany scientists claim discovery of a new element in the blood, the blood which causes a particular type of smell. This element of trans-4,5-Epoxy- (E) -2-Decenal name was.

How are toxins in the blood?

If you begin produced zariel substances in the blood, the body gets decompose the mold and is starting to produce pus. This is because any infection, bacteria, pus or inflammation of the lung may be in the teeth. The toxins can start to spread into the bloodstream and cause death.

Just do not drink blood drykula

If all the blood of the bats will be heard. These are found in South and Central America. They are stuck in their necks and legs of cattle and horses and suck blood, but also suck blood bird's long beak is called shrh.

The color of ox blood

Farmer houses in the old days they used the blood of bulls to color. He gets ready color for lime and used to mix the blood with a few other ingredients oil, and wall. This color is also used for wood floors.