A Construction Project That Will Change The World


A Construction Project That Will Change The World

Continue to work on ongoing major projects in the world and most of them who have the ability to change the world. As Hong Kong. Macao. Zahuyy tower, three major Chinese cities will be assembled and folded into a city of more than 4 million people or Google smart cities project in which the Internet is available in all walks of life. A report from Don akd honey mentioned a few projects that have the potential to change the world.

China's telescope

China Ping Tang, after the telescope will be the world's second largest radio telescope that is expected to begin in September 2016. The volume of up to 1640 feet.

Swiss tunnel

Gothart Base Tunnel The tunnel was opened in June 2016 and took 17 years to build. 35 miles is the longest and deepest tunnel makes it extremely easy to travel between the Alps.

Panama Canal

Panama Canal expansion project was introduced at the beginning of this month, the Panama Canal, the original project was completed 102 years ago and now it has been extended, to $ 5.4 billion and 40 thousand people work for the Navy capacity crossing the extended three times. a canal about 50 miles (80 km) long, across the Isthmus of Panama, that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Its construction, begun by Ferdinand De Lesseps in 1881, was abandoned in 1889 and was completed by the US, 1904–14. Control of the canal remained with the US until 1999, when it was ceded to Panama.

Iraqi building

The building is planned to build the world's bridesmaids in Iraq to be completed by 2026 and all its energy needs would be met by solar panels. 3779 will also fit the tallest building in the gardens, a rail with a knife, Restaurants systems.


London Cross Rail project is a great project to actually extend the existing underground system, connected to each other through the new tunnels 30 existing stations with the construction of 10 new railway lines, which is the largest construction project in the history of Europe will be. It started in 2017 but it will be fully operational by 2020.

Hong Kong Brigg

Hong Kong. Macao. Zahuyy bridge project will link together the three major cities of China and the 4 million to 20 million people will come to a big city was established, the project will be completed by 2017.

Google Smart City

Google's Smart urban development, Internet access, which has been working on the project, will be used as alternative sources of energy and utilize the latest technology, Google leaving town built in different parts of the US likely.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Riyadh metro project is planned at $ 23.5 billion, which will be built 109-mile-long railway line will bring a revolution in the lives of the inhabitants of Riyadh, the project is expected to be completed by 2019.

China reservoir

South. North China Arturo transfer plan under which part of these efforts will reach approximately 45 billion cubic feet of water from the river Yangtze less fertile areas, 79 billion dollars have been spent on this project.