Amazing Valuable Medical Uses And Benefits Of Laurel


Amazing Valuable Medical Uses And Benefits Of Laurel

Laurel or sharp turns (Bay leaf) is common used in our home to enhance the taste of food it is used in dry form in the Asian foods but interestingly most of this valuable medical benefits Do not know and they only used to enhance flavor in food, knowing that we are here, you are going to a priceless benefit of the laurel you must include it in their diet Gentiles.

Anti Viral Effects

There are huge amounts of vitamin C in Laurel is better digested by your system powder or paste food laurel is fine in addition it is very little time injuries.

Treats Cold

Laurel also reserves the effects of the cold weather is adding daily Laurel boiled water to the steam during the winter you feel comfortable. The process itself twice 15 Day 20 to the minutes.

Cardiovascular Benefits of Tez paat

Laurel does occur in many minerals, including zinc and magnesium are kupr, putasym, kylsym, mygnyz, ayrn, are potassium man's blood pressure and heart rate control. The iron makes red cells in your blood - the materials are not resistant to toxins in the body.

Anti-cancer Properties

Is to protect human cancer properties and also are found in Laurel in Laurel phytonutrient that prevents cervical cancer known to man. This cancer is becoming more common.

Reduces Stress

Laurel consists of linalool is due to the negative impact on the body are most prone to pressure, linalool is present in Laurel takes control our stress, our immune system protects us calm life is saved.

Kidney Problems

Many people have complained infection or stones in the kidneys and reducing the size of the stones by drinking boiled water daily by adding Laurel in Laurel is in the treatment of these diseases.

Insect Repellent

lauric acid Laurel feature and this feature is also found that the cutting resistance of pests is the place where Apply a paste of Laurel insect has bitten you cite get immediate relief from pain and irritation.

Treats Diabetes with Bay Leaves

It is also possible to cure diabetes through Laurel Laurel decrease in blood glucose levels. The addition brings a reduction in bad cholesterol and diabetes patient fat is used in the form of powder for 30 days Navigation.

Bay Leaf for Constipation

Laurel makes the system not only improves digestion but also increases the appetite is boiled daily 2 high addresses to prevent constipation, which can not be divided into the smallest parts exist Laurel food diseases the pyjyy- screened by adding it to water twice a day and may also be added for flavor is honey.

Tez paat for Jaundice

Your liver is prone to jaundice. But the pressure to use Laurel liver saves the pressure is, however, for the Gentiles to be eating fresh laurel leaves daily 2.