Drone Strikes Have Killed 64 116 Civilians


Drone Strikes Have Killed 64 116 Civilians

Data released by the US administration figures were not included Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.
The number of US casualties of the civilians is substantially lower than the rights provided by organizations working for human but the first time the Obama administration has issued this information public.
US Department of the Directorate of National Intelligence in 2500 and killed about 473 militants in attacks carried out in three countries in December 2015 to 2009.
US President has details of civilian casualties in drone attacks continue in order to bring each year.

Organizations working for human rights is not possible to have a complete analysis which, while welcoming the decision of President Obama did not provide any further detail data.
The Obama administration has said that non-governmental organizations said the number of civilians killed in attacks recognized and it is close to nine out of 200, but they say that we use the methods which for years they have been tested, with the information they do not have these NGOs.

President Obama has been used as an effective weapon against militants for attacks in the regime and protested several times against these attacks and was criticized.
The Government of Pakistan has numerous protests again against drone attacks for several years in the tribal areas and while it is a violation of sovereignty recently the chief casualties of the Afghan Taliban in drone attacks in Baluchistan the two countries have been tense relationship.