Jabir ibn Hayyan, Great Muslim Scientist Unique Achievements


Jabir ibn Hayyan, Great Muslim Scientist Unique Achievements

History's first great Muslim scientist and alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyan, who adopted the religious beliefs and scientific theories. The world today is known as the father of chemistry. Geber is the founder of Alchemy. They were also known to not only play, but mastering all practical experiences with this.

Jabir ibn Hayyan was born at Tus in Khorasan According to tradition, in 731 AD. A tribe in the southern part of the Arab alchemist was 'azu'. Born during the exile of his father (who died, according to tradition).

After going up a little old father's shadow head of his mother's upbringing and education. Handled conscious mother sent them to my family growing up in the outskirts of Kufa. So it was not out of the question to get a good education.

Jabir ibn Hayyan the employment of pharmacology and medicine outlets that was a wise tyrant. After the young man he lived in Kufa. Knowledge in Kufa at that time were enough opportunities for learning. Kufa, Imam Jabir Discipleship authority whose schools were taught subjects such as logic, strategy and chemistry with the religion, the Greek word used at that time had a profound effect on them.

The knowledge she saw in Madness Gold people around you also adopted this approach. After much experimentation, he could not succeed in producing gold. But the real interest in chemistry did not finish the series of experiments.

He built his laboratory in his hometown of Kufa. The caliph Rashid Minister John Barmak's beloved wife was seriously ill, the treatment did not cure, when John was disappointed with the tips of his life he was a wise approach. It was a wise medicine 'Green' three ounces, sip a drink mixed with honey. In less than half an hour before the patient was recovering well. Then John Barmak But the disciples of the wise is wise not to do it any other medication given. This was Wise Geber the tbybanh skills took place in the heart of the governor.

They live drive time in some thought and experience. House joined in the laboratory. Gold has been the dedication they discovered numerous facts and numerous innovations. Jabir ibn Hayyan had on chemistry based on the theory that all metals constituents' sulfur 'and' pieces' are '. Variations and other metals to be the recipe for these metals in different proportions. Not their constituents think the difference in metals, but their condition and proportion. It was possible to change the ordinary and inexpensive metals into gold, intelligence, dedication and the ability to observe their hard work had lessened.

Jabir ibn Hayyan qra alnbyq, two of which were also the inventor of a device called. Chemical substances had taken part in cooked and cooled by the second part of the device of vapor rising from the mix. He re-condensed liquid state to take, is to stress the process of this type of device used today. Its current name is' rytat.

Once during an experience, qra alnbyq 'in the gray vapors rose and gathered in another part of the device that was made of copper. Obtained substance was so high that the metal melted, whether the substance into the silver bowl so I went to the same result as the holes were, leather bag. Whether the finger has touched the liquid, they burned. Ie the cut and they keep burning the liquid feature 'acid' ryzab 'named. The acid test on various metals, but gold and glasses were all the datyn Gill.

Jabir ibn Hayyan the hazards in further experiments. Finally, he made many chemicals such as sulfuric acid and aykuar yjya. Even as he discovered an acid that gold was hardly possible to smelt the iron ore to iron varnish to protect it from rust, making oilskin, a dyeing method.

It also includes the manufacture of steel, textiles, leather dyes and glass fragments to color etc. He is in the process of reform has metal overheads and told them to gain weight metal overheads. Method of extraction and distillation process is the invention of Jabir. He made the way qlmaw krstlayzysn and discovered three types of salts.

Jabir ibn Hayyan has entered ways to make many items in their books of alchemy. He said there were ways to make sulfide several items. He invented the first thing world shuras and sulfur acid. And also, it is of extreme importance in the present times. He discovered how to extract the first 'qra alnbyq. It is worth mentioning that the academic, scientific, and intellectual aysuyn second century over the world were not any important. Hippocrates, Aristotle, Euclid, Archimedes, Ptolemy and Galen just after the last researcher Alexandria, pipe ready, Haiyan was lived in the fourth century had become so oppressive aysuyn lit the first candle in the darkness scientific field. Dominated until the eleventh century Muslim scientists and thinkers. Jabir bin Yan died in Damascus in 806 AD.