Less Damage Than A Few Foods Benefit


Less Damage Than A Few Foods Benefit

Some of the foods we eat to gain health when used for certain foods such flavors are but a few foods which are healthy do you add to your food, but the damage they actually benefit us there are some foods that are mentioned in the article that are not so good as we think.

Soy sauce

Soy contains large amounts of anti-auksydnt that would prove highly beneficial to health. But on the other hand it does to the extent that sodium is found in other organs, including the kidneys is affected.

Sport drinks

Often exercise near the sports drink or energy drink alternative is the electric lights were lost during exercise, but this is not true because most of these drinks are two-thirds of the sugar in soda drinks plus there are a number of artificial flavor and color of food. there are only detrimental to health.

Peanut butter

Although this diet is made up of several utamn, madnyat, protein and healthy fat loss by eating an appropriate amount, but it may also include other commodities because it may cause excess fat in your body.

Sugar-free sweets

Sugar-free products you have to be really Cathy- may stay away at all costs, especially for sweets that are sugar, but still can not eat healthy because the artificial sugar substitute often these items have been added which are sweet cause further damage to health can affect your kidneys and heart are.


Cereal is helpful to eat a healthy breakfast, but it depends on the types of Cereal is too much sugar is added to most types of Cereal that is causing an increase in weight and health problems.

Dried fruit

If you have a limited choice of candy or dried fruit dried fruit can be selected course is not healthy, but also because you should know that fresh fruits are healthier than their sugar levels low fiber intake is more concentrated.

Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt is made up of different companies on the market was also more sugar than ice cream is also when they are being put through the process of freezing the germs to be given the best health during they have also been eliminated, which are commonly found in yogurt frozen yogurt is so evident is the harm to health.


Margarine is considered a healthy alternative to butter but margarine is a big misconception of people is a mixture of the milk produced from sugar and trans kymykl, and it is extremely dangerous to the health of eating can damage blood vessels is.