Places Overtaken By Nature


Places Overtaken By Nature

Taken possession of many secluded spots that are a power in the world. The interesting thing is that these locations were not always the same but secluded life here had ever runqyn but because of various reasons Turkey has so various natural objects plant his tent.


Be concurrently captures long roots of the tree of the ancient temple in Cambodia. The temple is from the 12th century it was abandoned for centuries in the forest temple Cambodia is a few people in recent years to save the historic building of the temple tried to free themselves from their roots, but they failed.


The Japanese chemical weapons were developed on the island, but later gyy- ended their preparation, however, is also known because of its large number of which are found island Rabbit Island Rabbit Island nobody knows how it arrived here a rabbit? The number of rabbits in the hundreds and are found in the abandoned buildings on the island are.


Australia town is also known by the names of the ships as "flowing forest" Sydney beaches of the ship because it is hemmed in by trees, the ship was built in 1911 and in 1970 It is spearheaded been forsaken and abandoned ships of war spans the underwater roots of trees are conducted on a rusty ship are served during the Second.


It was abandoned in 1930 of a railway track which Paris now. The track was deserted and wild flowers and plants on the walls around it did possess this location is also 70 different types the animals become home even though Paris is a busy city, but they gave no attention to the maintenance of the track.


Indian island the trees start to your diet, but it is still sluggish and was launched in 1940. There are many ancient ruins on the island, but now under the roots of trees ruins are arrived.


California includes the island been rendered their services as a light to guide ships to the station since 1872 1948 1950 here. But the different marine animals, including sea horses and sea prndy, call period etc. and animal populations are found on the island is too much.