Summary Of Imran Khan's (PTI) Politics


Summary Of Imran  Khan's (PTI) Politics

July 2, 2016, Friday jujmaa was goodbye, said Khan's politics is put forth oppression abstract when his wife, Dr. prime duty alleged that through Lahore's posh area of ​​Lahore and Nawaz protocol Elite force vehicles throttling, a car said to be out of his car, taunts police guns on them in the car and left the road, he told a press conference in a state of extreme anger in Lahore that Nawaz was watching them from the car, Dr. Uzma's brother Imran Khan, who was in Karachi, he said there had outraged the media has the right to what they asked Maryam Nawaz Sharif that tour the country, such as your property and princesses.

First there is standing all these things are true, should give him all his protocol people including politicians, bureaucrats, judges and generals in urban areas and not to harass them as Imran Khan and angry at his sister it reflects the feelings of the people are. I so often VIP movement that would stop at a traffic warden or police officer when you go on a road rage Chanko says it falls on me. While there are many I hear people who rulers bad they're saying, they're saying that traveling in buses in Canada and the UK, countries like Pakistan without any protocol and trains, but cars with rulers long lines are. It would certainly forgotten as Pakistan and other civilized countries is a clear difference was seen in government attitudes mg The difference between a show and that Pakistan is at war for a long time. We have sacrificed the lives of seventy thousand citizens, including the former prime minister, politicians, bureaucrats and soldiers. America, Britain and Canada ruling that could have the same kind of behavior based on negligence in Pakistan are adopted in their countries. I am often fail to differentiate between security and protocol. Taking one hand we question the security of the people and the rulers, but when the way Pakistan's Interior Minister Colonel Retired Khanzada are rejected martyred placing the security and protocol B B blood of a small error security protocol so we were out of the question that he could not protect their properties could be to the public.

I want to talk to my Khan jubzahr very good examples, I am surprised that they were present when my two cars and a few officers on duty protocol with my sister in Lahore if security with them in Karachi institutions and even long distance from the crush of cars was put into citizens hard, I believe that Karachi's citizens Khan because many will struggle which reflects the Pictures that show where Khan was also in violation of the one-way with a protocol in Peshawar hyn.kan said he and his colleagues use the weapon of hatred and resentment with family logic and justification does not exist rkhty.aj Court misunderstood the question is whether the doctor or the media hype and learn to consciously and deliberately resorted to brazenly lie to meet my brother for political purposes, it has become clear that Dr PM the conflict that it becomes a vehicle for both Mary and protocols are not Nawaz Sharif but also sdrazad Kashmir Sardar Mohammad Yaqoob from PPP. Appearance Divine Road prjs house it happened that the owner Asim Gujjar President Asif Ali Zardari out Partner Bilawal House Lahore manager, he points out that the President of Azad Kashmir came to their house to woe the death of his mother , the argument of Dr. court with which these kaprutukul with them. So here are limited to what is believed Dr court found Mary Nawaz Sharif inside the car or they may have misunderstood the presence of Maryam Nawaz Sharif except Asim Gujjar further points out that daktrazmy with my car came home and said misbehaved with them policemen, demanded an apology and to the disadvantage of which, according to Asim Gujjar, he mazr Services Dr. Madame and her son was home whether to leave out. It is clear that Dr. prime time press conference in the park when they were consciously and deliberately telling lies had to be driven in the opposite political family kumydya. This additional evidence came in that was added after which time it was when Mary was Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad and Lahore came through the flight took off. According to a media house that Protocol former President's sister was Faryal Talpur but CCPO Lahore Amin Venice and DIG Ashraf became clear to the Haider that officials were not the police, the police officers Azad Kashmir also spoke on the phone with the President.

Let me say that the conflict has to be created goodbye Friday summarizing the Imran Khan's politics. They always react to the news without confirming and tightening strategy. He will succeed Bake targeted Sharif was a noted politician, after which they have adopted the same charges instead of making a priority the performance and service despite the government parties and protest politics, always Sharif and only 35 were punctured in the general election that was made a target .He said, he made the protest movement on it. They were involved in a fraud was told by telephone that he visited Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry returning officers and he was taken against the institution of the judiciary. Now he has said that Nawaz Sharif has money and their children abroad companies are established through the illegal transfer of funds but nobody told that your company offshore in the Pakistan are among the founders. Knows, including her sister are the whole point is not it? I remember this man Khan's previous three saw turbulent politics four years, which is a take it btayatha that his ear dog It has caused the uproar, but was not probing his ears in place. Khan! Thanking after so many failures, not just political but also social bdlyy fair manner. Someone you it was true that some people fool I can make it I always foolish that someone had misled hundred percent of all cases all the people for some time, in some cases These sums may be able to put your politics has been described fully in an incident consists of a few hours.