The Climbers Were Exposed Indian Drama


The Climbers Were Exposed Indian Drama

A couple has claimed that he claimed the world's highest peak Mount Everest peak and thus it became the first couple in the world is soon to head his success at the beginning of this month fake proved and spearheaded open the pool to play.
Regarding the claim on behalf of a police investigation into the fact that they both were standing on top of the image g Everest Indian jhndh hold in hand forged and Photoshop is amazing.

Dinesh and that the Tarakeshwari Rathod India are Pune police have arrested June 5 announced during a press conference that the first two to the highest peak of the world Mount Everest is May 23.

The interesting thing is that a company Makalu Adventure in Kathmandu did not even say that the couple's Peak victory for the Nepalese government for the couple, who is the head guide of the guide provided by the same company certificates issued.

However, this play really come to the fore when the real climbers the image of Satyarup Siddhanta told the world that steal Photoshop support are attempts to make.

As evidence the real climbers are standing fake Indian climbers have been presented to the public the original images that stand in exactly the same way that it is open but empty hands Satyarup Indian climbers have been held in the open hands of Indian jhndh is changing the face of the climber is.

Picture of little change, while India has different colored trousers Indian mountaineer and climber, but to change the co-forgotten scene.

Satyric real climbers in the pool opened by a message on Facebook all the dramas, he said that the Indians stole my pictures climbers to their success is the.

The success of the proof of cheating pair of two photos, one of which was issued because of the Indian flag was not clear that the oxygen masks in the face of a true mountaineer hurrah- The second image is that the Facebook page is.