The Sand Buried Village Of Shoyna


The Sand Buried Village Of Shoyna

Shona (Shoyna) is a small village in northern Russia area Kanin Peninsula beach

Located in the edge of the Arctic Circle and the residents have to bear not only cold but also had to face the coastal village of sand is found in large quantities in

The sand is spread over hundreds of kilometers long beaches and hy, troubling for residents until they are at home also deeply enmeshed in the sand

The sand dunes are constantly moved from one permanent because of the westerly winds and sometimes bury themselves in the sand, it is a night full house roof

Here is a collection of sand beyond this range of doors that do not close the door, lest residential care home as he opened the morning for details.

Due to these problems, the village remains the owner of the bulldozer that is in constant action and removes sand. The sand buried houses

This fishing village a few families from the fishing profession was founded in 1930 because the legislatures and other marine creatures are found in large numbers

Population of the village to 1950 reached 1,500 persons-those were used to hunt the fish there were 70 ships carrying aid

But in the process of dragging the net with reckless severe damage to the fish population phncaya, until the end of the fishing quarter of this place hugya-

Today it is only 300 residents whose livelihood is dependent on unemployment or pensions alawns

Some people have been living on the goose birds are found in large numbers and cause the birds to run those systems are life

More than half of the village is buried under the sand dunes of the desert here driven fast winds are the head of the sand from the mountains form a gather place

This is neither a road nor linked to travel to the world outside of a railway track here sy- be only by air or sea is a civilian airport that is 650 meters long village flour dust is run on subway