Tings We Still Don't Understand About The Brain


Tings We Still Don't Understand About The Brain

The mind is a very mysterious place man in the universe but what ever you how your mind works is to try to think about? are looking.

How Can It Work So Fast?

Numerous experts say that our brain works like a super computer that is our mind any more than 10 million times faster than the PC is much faster, but experts believe that the end can not tell How is it possible to work? This could possibly be the reason for this, according to experts, is that because the brain centers that perform distribution center to mrkz, mrkz, listening to speakers like hy, and other issues in different centers as well as centers of independent speeds up the brain to work in a team because the brain is capable of performing various tasks at the same time is different centers.

How Does It Decide What To Remember?

Man is always something that I always remember some things are forgotten while batyn- especially in the early days, but experts did not uncover this secret until today? And remember that the mind and forget how to do?

Why Do We Sleep?

long gold is important? Sleep does not provide energy as foods but question is how strong you are awake then arises? In this respect, there are different theories, but no solid fact that until now No.

Is The Brain Responsible For Your Personality?

It's extremely hard to tell how much the role of the brain in ways of living our lives or to what extent he is responsible for it? We know that other factors influence the style found in the area around the brain that decision when the decision was right or wrong are anything.

Why Do We Dream?

Some people have difficulty remembering to keep what they have seen in a dream? arises is whether we see only a dream for a lot of us are safe to mind is.

How Changes In The Brain's Structure Affect Our Intelligence?

What is the mind that is more important than size? This came in a study that may be individuals with smaller brains are more intelligent than people with big brains, but the number of neurons in the brain, brain size is more important.