Top 10 Technology And Most Modern City


Technology And Most Modern City

Our technology has revolutionized the world of technology is well organized and developing complex task is made somewhat of eliminating barriers between developed cities found that there are few cities in the world see your future in the world of technology and development in this sector than in other cities are.


people who are different from cultures in which arb, Hindustan, Malaya, Jakarta Javanese and Chinese Include the distinction of being the center of high-tech Asian traffic is terrible.


Johannesburg is not the technology itself is dedicated to the town planning committee of all the technology industry, especially information and communications sector is given more attention to the city police too modern and they are placed CCTV cameras on every street corner so jasky- complete prevention of crime.


Shanghai China is enormously populous city and also devotes themselves to the technology sector is even given a number of industrial zones in the city center focused technology. The modern city has several large enterprises have attracted as ExxonMobil and Tesla motor etc.

Buenos Aires

This city is the center of technology in South America and are from citizens care technology is here, too, automatic sewage system that will reduce the flood risk is over 1 thousand miles of sewage pipes the complaints are the modern convenience of the citizens. the citizens here are two photos of your problems and more of their complaint within 96 hours.


Beijing's economy is based on 77% of services in the most cost kary, retail and information technology are among the services offered here recently conducted their research a few companies in the world from technology Include headquarters are established Lenovo , Google and Microsoft, these companies.


Moscow is the first man to win the space. And there special skills of science and technology here. The citizens of Russia have established Western companies, including Yandex and VKontakte remarkable Facebook and Google are equal and that today Moscow is becoming a new and unusual types of technology leaders such as nanotechnology is.


Technology is at the center of Dubai in the Middle East and is also home to many international companies, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Oracle are included in the city is investing heavily in the technology sector even the city build Smart Palm trees are kept, including solar-powered phone chargers and Wi-Fi hotspot and has introduced a Smart city is Dubai.


Milan, Italy's economic powerhouse and is also known by the banking industry but also fashion and high-tech frays Milan Milan host has also hosted the Expo 2015 World Fair will be conducted are the technique is also called the city biotechnology leader in the services sector


Although Barcelona is Spain's main industrial center, but all the production technologies of Madrid and is the modern-educated workforce and a number of multinational companies are among the top technology centers in Europe is Madrid.