7 tips or keys to greater success with Google Adsense


7 tips or keys to greater success with Google Adsense 

Today we bring you 7 tips or keys to greater success with Google Adsense and earn more money for clicks made on our ads.

1) Location of Adsense ads

There are some hot spots to place our Adsense ads. These point are preferred to place our ads Adsense because that is where fixed readers view and pay more attention. This way is more likely to click on the ad so we can make more money with Adsense.

2) Increases traffic to your blog or website

It is evident that the more traffic we send to our blog or website more successful we will be in our ad campaigns and win more money with Adsense. It is a matter of statistics, more visits more likely to click on our Adsense ads to make money with them.
And how do we get more traffic? The aesthetics of our website is important; good design will prevent people leave our website as they enter.
The content is equally important for several reasons, firstly get the interest of the people who visit our site and spend more time on our site, so are more likely to click on one of our ads and thus win money with Adsense. And with good content we will get better search engine rankings which will help us get more visits, the more clicks and earn more money with Adsense.
There are many more things we can do to increase traffic to our website and optimize SEO, backlinks and much more but for now we'll leave it here.
The strongest colors are the points where it is preferable to insert Adsense ads and according lighter colors are less likely to get a click on our ads.

3) Use of search forms Adsense

In addition to content ads you prune to use search forms that Adsense makes available. This is another way to make money with Adsense since the user will enter the search term in the box and will show different results and if you click on any of the ads from pages visited win money with Adsense.

4) Choose well the colors of Adsense ads

One thing to consider are the colors of Adsense ads we choose. We can choose the color of the ads and it is important that the chords we select our website or blog. If Adsense ads to choose the same colors that you use in your web ads appear they will be integrated and part of your content so it will be easier to get here and make more money with Adsense.

5) Adsense Ad Format

Adesense already have studied that ads are more effective, with which got more click and earn more money with Adsense. Preferably you choose AdSense recommended ads since they have a higher conversion. Do not forget that Adsense is our friend because if we win, they win, so get them interested in things as easy as possible to make money with Adsense.

6) Respect Adsense policies

It is likely that if you try to cheat Adsense hears and will suspend the account. What may also happen is that people who click on your ads are not qualified, so the amount of money earned per click your ads down to the minimum, this is what Adsense is called Smart Price. 
Evita put arrows pointing to the ads, ask users to click on Adsense ads and similar practices.

7) Each website is different for results with Adsense

It is interesting that perform tests by placing ads in different points of the web and you check with configuration earn more money with Adsense . Each blog and website behaves differently. So you can experience the results need to already have a large volume of daily visits to your web. It is to test for a full month different locations before making a decision.