Guest Posting the Right Way for Link Building


Guest Posting the Right Way for Link Building

In most of the positioning strategies, the Link Building still plays a central role, it will be so until Google will consider the same links as a ranking factor central and very important.


That of guest posting is an activity born along with blogging: I write on your site, you add a link to my site.

In theory the guest posting is a great tool for various reasons, among which:

  • Offer readers a different perspective or a specific depth
  • To network with other bloggers
  • Give / receive visibility, particularly for emerging that are worth

Obviously the fact of receiving a backlink is one of the advantages for the guest blogger, but in theory it should not be the one to move around, as it is actually in 90% of cases.


Google's guidelines are clear : if the links are inserted in purchased content must contain the nofollow , so as to not pass value to the linked site.


Noted the rules and risks, most of the people who deal with SEO continue anyway and try to buy up link, because obviously the benefit worth the risk . If those links come from sites theme and seem natural in fact, the risks are much lower. The real point is that it is not as simple as it seems: to obtain artificially a backlink profile that appears natural requires expertise and full knowledge of what you are doing .


The concept of quality is very relative and it is easy to fall into misunderstanding. For many stop to some questions, such as:

  • The site is in the language of my content?
  • The site is in my field or a nearby field?
  • What are the SEO metrics of the site that will host my link?
  • Can I pay the asking price?

If the answers are satisfactory, you can continue: wrong ! Lack some fundamental questions, such as:

  • How you position your site that will host the post to the queries of your interest?
  • The site is or has been penalized?
  • How many inbound links and outbound contains?
  • What (quality) incoming and outgoing links contain?


Again you have to always keep in mind the difficulties of access , now I'll explain briefly. If a guest post costs 200 $, only a few will be able to buy it, only those who have full-bodied budget.But if the same guest post costs 10$ then be many more people who will enter a post with links.
A very simple reasoning, but uncovers a world. On forums and Facebook groups in fact are guest posts also less than 5 $, which means that the owner of that blog to earn 100 $ gross, will have to sell 20 guest posts with as many outgoing links.
Do you believe that basing a link building strategy exclusively on these posts do not expose your site to a real risk of being "discovered" by Google?
Best 40 links of this kind or a true value?They would respond better to a mix in many, but this is another matter.


How could you understand once again, the main ingredient and essential of every link building campaign is the knowledge of what you are doing, why and how you are doing.
While the Guest Post can be a great tool in certain cases it is therefore important not to fall into the trap, make the right questions, and above all to have the right skills to get a view of clear and precise set.

If you have questions, concerns, or would you like to have your say immediately leave a comment, as always you will be answered as quickly as possible.