Help teens learn the rules and follow them to the letter


Help teens learn the rules and follow them to the letter

Every day when we go to school offices or markets  we have to use roads and pass through traffic. You must have noticed that sometimes people violate traffic laws such as over speeding, non wearing of helmets, seat belts, and majority of victims of road accident, unfortunately, are young people below 30 year of age. Moreover, indiscipline on roads leads to traffic jams and congestion, which reflect negatively on us as a nation.
The question is whether the number of accidents and causalities can be reduced?
The answer is yes_if we recognize road safety as a social issue and play our role and discharge our responsibilities we can overcome this problem. The foremost responsibility of every citizen is to observe laws; violations of a traffic law is an offence. None of us would ever like to be called an "offender" and get penalized. By observing traffic laws we can avoid road accidents, save precious lives and improve our country's image.
The research shows that almost 80% of traffic accidents take place due to mistake or negligence of drivers. Main causes of accidents are:

Over speeding and rash driving:

Over speeding is most crucial factor causing fatalities or injuries in road accidents. Speed limits are specified for different roads. The drivers are required to drive their vehicle within given speed limits and should reduce speed near schools, colleges, hospitals, urban areas and during inclement weather conditions. Violations of prescribed speed limits not only endangers lives of road user but can also invoke penalties and legal action under traffic laws.

Using of mobile phones when driving:

Using mobile phone while driving is a potentially dangerous act,which can cause serious accidents. It divers driver's attention. We should avoid using mobile phones while driving and discourage others from it as is prohibited under traffic laws.

Not wearing seat belts:

Wearing seat belts by drivers and passengers in a vehicle can save lives. During an accidents seat belt can reduce the risk of fatal injuries by 50-60%. Non wearing of seat belts is also punishable under traffic laws. We must, therefore, always wear seat belts before starting our journey.

Not wearing safety helmet:

Motorcyclists are highly vulnerable to fatal accidents. Many students use motorcycles/cycles for going to their institution but often they do not put on safety helmets. Wearing helmets gives protection against severe head and face injuries in case of an accident and increases the chances of survival by 80%.

Violating traffic signals:

Traffic signals are important tools to manage the traffic. It is mandatory to stop on a red signal. Passing a red signal is a serious violation of traffic laws and we should never commit it. We should also respect and obey the police officers manually managing the traffic.

Violating lane discipline:

A road is divided in lanes through road markings (white lines). Lanes are meant to maintain traffic discipline. We should keep in a particular lane and indicate properly before we change that lane. Lane straddling may cause serious accident and invoke fine under traffic laws. Extreme left lane is fore heavy and slow moving vehicles and extreme right lane is for overtaking.

Violating traffic signs

Traffic signs on side carry important information for road users, violating these signs can be potentially dangerous for ourselves as well as others.

As responsible road users we should not only take steps to save our own and other's lives but should also observe road courtesies to help create better environment on roads.

Traffic discipline reflects the civility of a society so we should prove ourselves as a law abiding and responsible nation.