How To Make Money Online


How To Make Money Online

There is no doubt. We all want to make money in one way or another. We need money to live.Some settle for less money, others need more, but it is clear that we all need to generate income.

How can you generate income?

  • It depends on the type of income you want to generate.
  • Let's look at the types of income that exist, which one is my favorite and as I'm generating it.
  • Types of income.

There are 3 types of income:

1. Active Income.

Active income is that you get in exchange for a job where you participate actively.
Normally an exchange of money is by hours worked.
Income assets are those that receive the most people as plumbers, electricians, clerks, and employees in general.
The problem with this type of income is that if you do not work, do not receive money .
Another problem is that revenues are limited to the number of hours you are able to work a day.You can not work more than 14/16 hours a day (you need to sleep, eat, and unwind a bit).

2. Income from capital gain or Portfolio.

This type of income is not directly related to your time, because not get by hours worked, but if you need to spend time and effort to get them.

It is to buy something you can sell later at a higher price:

  • Buy shares then sell them more expensive.
  • Buy houses to sell X years later at a higher price.
  • Buy products that go up in value.
  • The problem with this type of income is going to need capital to invest and the like can make money, you can also lose .

3. Passive Income.

  • Passive income is those that you generate without your physical presence or direct work to obtain them, ie, they are income that you get without your having to do anything at that moment.
  • Examples of passive income are:
  • Charge for copyright or royalties of any product.
  • Sell a product online.
  • Renting a home or commercial premises.
  • Make Money with Internet advertising.
  • Passive income is income my favorite despite the benefits thereof, most people do not generate passive income and spend their entire lives working hours in jobs that often also hate.
  • I am not criticizing the way of working with anyone.
  • I understand that to live and bring up your family, you need to generate income, and for that you have to invest between 8 and 10 hours a day to your job, leaving this a rather limited salary and only a couple of days a week of free time to relax, enjoy what you love to do or to be with family.
  • On the other hand maybe you have your own business, worse this also consumes you with concerns and tasks that you can do work more hours than if you were employed.
  • These two options can be good choices for many people, and may even be working on something they like, but in my case, I'm working on creating my own systems operating automated way to generate passive income , while sitting in a computer, sleeping, walking on the beach or playing football with my son.
  • If you want to learn a little more about how to generate passive income, keep reading because this post is for you.
  • types of income

Types of passive income.

1. Residual Income.

  • They are income you get for the work you did once:
  • A business with a customer base that every time they buy a product takes a commission.
  • A photographer gets a commission every time someone buys your photos online.
  • A writer who gets a commission every time someone buys your eBook on Amazon.
  • An insurance salesman who paid an annual fee if your client renews the policy.
  • You have to stay clear it is that this type of income, do not have to be pending continuously to generate income.

2. Leveraged Income.

They are income you get through the work of others:
You create an online course and get profits through a network of affiliates recommend your course in exchange for a commission.
The sales manager of a company gets a monthly, quarterly or annual incentive if your sales team achieves the objectives.
A contractor subcontracts someone to do a job and takes your profit.

3. Income scalable.

They have no income ceiling or a limit as may have your monthly salary as an employee. Each month gain X amount time and you can not earn more than a certain amount because you are limited by the hours you can work.
An example of scalable income is income you get for recommending a product on your blog.There is not limit. If you win € 1,000 / month with 2,000 visitors a day, you can win 2,000 € / month if you double the visits.

How to generate passive income on the Internet. 4 proven methods.
Now that you know the types of income that exist and the benefits of generating passive income, see practical examples of how you can generate passive income on the Internet .
Internet outside is clear that you can generate by buying an apartment and renting it , but you need to make a big investment and hypothecate for life. On the Internet, you can earn money without investing.

1. Create a niche page.

Looking for a specific niche market where competition for position in Google is not too high,hire a hosting , install WordPress and create a page with 20 or 30 posts about this topic. After you do anything SEO and monetizing with Adsense or recommending a product as an affiliate.
Once positioned, you will generate income every month.

2. Write an eBook and sell it on Amazon.

If you have knowledge about any subject, you can translate them into a PDF and upload it to Amazon, the biggest online store there.
Thousands of buyers can access it and generate earnings every month.
Note that with a single eBook of your income will not live on the Internet, but I know of a young entrepreneur with 7 eBooks generates between 500 and 1,000 $ per month .

3. Create an online course.

This is one of the most commonly used methods to make money online in large quantities and is leveraged income and 100% automated.
If you have advanced knowledge to create a course that provides value, you need to invest your time and work for x months until you cast your course and generate the passive income every month without doing anything, while others engaged in recommending it as affiliates.

4. Sell plugins, templates or online tools.

If you are a programmer, you can develop a plugin for WordPress free having improved version premium payment.
You can also develop a template for WordPress as before, with a free version and a more advanced payment more options for the user.

  • Why you should consider generate passive income.
  • Me you will not convince if I say you want to keep working 8 hours a day the rest of your life.Anyone, we like the idea of being able to work few hours earning the same . Well that's what you get with passive income.
  • Generate passive income allows you to have the freedom to live your way, no schedules, no head warm without limits.

You do not have clear where to start and what you should do next?
I'll tell you.