Make Money By Pokemon


Make Money By Pokemon 

Before you begin, let's see what is Pokemon Go so that we can see how you can generate income with this game.

Guide to make money with Pokemon GO. 4 ways to make money online with GO Pokemon, the game of the moment. If you like Pokemon take advantage.

What is Pokemon GO?

  • Pokemon Go is the game of the moment.
  • Millions of people have downloaded this game in less than a week. A game that has managed to overcome the 65 million users a day and has generated large crowds of players in different cities.
  • Pokemon GO is a mobile game is played outdoors, on the streets, squares, parks, etc.
  • This augmented reality game encourages people have set out to explore the world in search of Pokemon that should catch , which are hidden throughout the world.
  • When the player is a Pokemon, you should throw your Pokeball to catch him and increase levels as a coach.

This is the video of  Discover Pokémon in the Real World with Pokémon GO!

How to make money with Pokemon GO.
The launch of this game has sparked the ingenuity of people around the world who are already earning money from Pokemon GO.
Let 's look at 4 ways to make money online with Pokemon GO .

1. Make Money with Pokemon GO as a guide.

One of the main is offering himself as "chauffeurs" or Pokemons expert guides to find their city.
As an example we have the case of the Australian Max James O'Neill who studied the key points where the pokemon are in the city and offered to guide his car to take players of this game to the key points.
He placed an advertisement on the Internet offering their services for $ 25 an hour and 10 minutes and had its first customer.
In a few days he has got a waiting list of 50 people who want to hire and there are now at least 6 people in your town that offer these services.

2. Make Money with Pokemon GO as a consultant.

They are emerging Internet experts Pokemon offering online counseling $ 20 / hour to reveal all the secrets and tricks to get catch the Pokemon.

3. Win "money" in Pokemon GO.

You can leverage your skills within the game to earn coins in the game to use in your purchases.Just register on the Pokemon GO community where you can post screenshots and your tricks or secrets in the forum.
You win coins if your post receives visits and "I like you" , so share them without stopping on social networks.
Guide to make money with Pokemon GO. 4 ways to make money online with GO Pokemon, the game of the moment. If you like Pokemon take advantage.

4. Make Money with affiliate Pokemon GO.

Another option may be to take this fever Pokemon to create a niche page on this subject and monetize it with Adsense or recommending a product Amazon affiliate.
I'm sure doing a good search and choosing keywords Long Tail can get a good monthly income.


What do you think about this game and the chances of making money with it?
Some think this is just a fever or fad but the truth is that we have with Pokemon on the market for over 20 years and fever continues.
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