Make Money By Selling Photos Online


Make Money By Selling Photos Online

How to make money selling photos online

To start selling photos via Internet the perfect place to start is the istockphoto page.
These are the steps to get started in this type of sale online:

1- Register

To work with this company, you have to start by becoming a member. Registration is free.

2- Send Them A Request For Collaboration

It should explain what type of files either wants to sell photos, illustrations, Flash, videos or audio. They will provide a manual which will explain the process. You should read it to learn the most important basic details and finally required to take an exam so that they know what their level of knowledge in photography.

3- Send Them 3 Samples Of Their Creations

Once you have passed the required examination, they will ask you to send them three samples (must be proportional originals) of the work he has done.
If you take seriously this activity actually she is engaged and is a very creative person you could become one of the many members of the company that are dedicated to selling photos online part time.

They have international collaborators muchísmos scattered locations around the world which are always ready to help with tips and strategies. For this have a forum where you can contact members experience to make any kind of questions will arise.

How much is the compensation offered by this company online photo?
The organization pays members to collaborate, a commission of 15% for each file that users download. Now if you are one of the exclusive partners you are likely to get payments up to 45% for each file that people will downloading.

To register with this entity saw: