Powerful Ways to Remove Acne Naturally Misbehaving


Powerful Ways to Remove Acne Naturally Misbehaving

How to get rid of acne - Acne is a phenomenon that is not familiar to everyone. The growth of acne is not only the pre-teen children, but anyone who did not heed the cleanliness of the face or the wrong lifestyle on such person then do not be surprised if the acne will grow fast. The simplest example just like the food problem. When our own consuming too much oily suppose eating food containing nuts oils, fried foods and the like, the acne will be easier to grow. Some places are frequently covered with acne are the face, upper arms, neck, chest, back and forth.

Some types of acne that often grows: 

inflamed acne which is one type of acne that is formed from the follicle sac that occurs in the dermis. When that happens compacting and breaking of fat so that white blood cells will be spread in the area around the sebaceous follicles.
The second type is a
back acne or chest
 . Acne is formed due to several factors such as the occurrence of elevated blood testosterone,
tight clothing, excessive use of allergy cream and others.
The third type of acne is acne Konglobota or type of acne that has a larger size and festering and growing clustered.

Some of the factors that cause acne: 

 1. Genetic

There are several studies in Germany that says that 45% of parents who have or are acne will pass on to his son. Otherwise its not infected only 8%.

2. hormones

Women who are undergoing periods will be more susceptible to acne on his face. Precisely when a few days before menstruation until one week thereafter.

3. Cosmetics

The use of cosmetics with certain chemicals, if used continuously for long periods of time, it will lead to the formation of acne light that is affected by papulopustular on the chin and cheeks.

4. Bacteria 

Some types of bacteria or microbes that are involved in the formation of acne is pitylosporum oval ,propionibacterium acne , Corynebacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermidis .

In addition there are 4 types of the above there are several factors external factors such as climate ,environment , stress , diet , and so on. With some of the factors above, you can conclude about the cause of acne is unknown though the exact cause of acne itself, but at least you already know what that allows acne can be formed.
how to get rid of acne naturally

Get rid of acne the natural way:

1. Using Tomatoes

Tomatoes that have a high content of vitamin C is believed to be able to cope with various types of skin diseases for example such as acne . By making a face mask on a regular basis then you will see the results after a few weeks. The trick is to puree 1 ripe tomato and apply on your face until evenly distributed. Add the cucumber slices on the eye area. After approximately 10-20 minutes you can clean the rest of the mask from your face.        

2. Using Strawbery

The trick more or less the same as using tomatoes that by smoothing the strawberries first, then rub thoroughly into facial acne. Wait until 15-20 minutes then rinse with water.

3. Using Olive Oil

The next natural ingredient is olive oil. Apply olive oil gently in the area of facial acne. And wait until 15 to 20 minutes then rinse with water. In addition you can also let the olive oil overnight to more pervasive on the skin. You can rinse after morning

4. Using Honey and Cucumber

First cucumber puree and mix with a few tablespoons of honey. Mix well, and the material was ready in the rub on the face slowly and evenly. after that, allow the mask about 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

From the above options you can choose one way to eliminate acne naturally   that you think is easy to do. A few tips may be useful trimakasih this time. "