Recognize Symptoms of Heart Disease Since Childhood


Recognize Symptoms of Heart Disease Since Childhood

Before discussing about heart disease , you need to know the function of the heart to the body. The heart is the most important organ in the body that has the size of a fist and serves as a pumping and spreading the oxygenated blood throughout the body.
And if anything happens to the heart organ is definitely this would interfere with organ function and affects the body.

Heart disease

Heart disease is a disease of the heart organ and the attack on the heart will have influence on the function of the heart. While heart disease that attacks the human body has a wide range of characteristics and a wide range of symptoms associated with heart disease .

Characteristics, Causes and Symptoms of Heart Disease

Heart disease at any age be it adults, teens, toddlers, men or women. Anyone can be afflicted by this disease. Generally, because of unhealthy lifestyle that can cause symptoms of heart disease.

1. Symptoms Shortness of Breath

Experiencing respiratory unstable alias shortness of breath, you should be wary. Because usually affected by asthma is one of the symptoms of heart disease. The explanation is if they have symptoms of heart disease sometimes there will be a fluid into the cavity of the lungs - lungs, it is very disturbing air entering the lungs - lungs and eventually experiencing shortness of breath. If when sleeping or berisitrahat, you experience tightness in breathing, then you fall into the category of chronic heart disease or advanced.

2. Frequent Dizziness and Fainting

Frequent head dizziness to fainting is one of the symptoms of heart disease. Generally, people with heart disease will experience that kind of thing.

3. Often Heart pounding

Symptoms of this one should be wary, because the symptoms of heart often berdeyut toned or weakened without reason and often comes up then you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

4. Easy Tired and Dizziness

If the body is often weak usually no blood supply to the body that do not work normally. and that performance does not weaken your heart it is good to regularly check and exercise. Avoid bad habits like drink liquor, opium, smoke or other. In addition imbangilah with a healthy lifestyle.

5. Disruption Penernaan

In one study of unknown women are twice as likely to experience such as nausea, vomiting and indigestion for a few months before the heart attack than men. This condition is caused due to blockage of fat in the arteries that make the reduced blood supply to the heart that normally occur in the chest area or can sometimes appear in this perut.Hal depending on the parts of the heart is impaired so as to transmit pain signals at the lower body from the chest. Hopefully with the information to know the symptoms of heart disease at an early age that we provide can help you better understand and know about heart disease. Please do comment if there are things you want to be questioned. Thank you