What is the Difference between Windows 32-bit and 64-bit?


What is the Difference between Windows 32-bit and 64-bit?

Most of the users computer or laptop must be familiar with windows compared to the Operating System (OS) is the other.Most of the stores will sell a new laptop computer with the latest version of Windows OS is Windows 8 or Windows 10.

Well, glittering windows we are familiar with the Windows version of the 32 bit and 64 bit, you will know if a check specifications of a computer or laptop. Then what is the difference between 32bit version with the 64 bit version ? What are the advantages and disadvantages? we will discuss to completion here.

The difference between Windows 32-bit and 64-bit

Here are some fundamental differences that are owned by Kedia versions, can andda look paka specifications of your computer or laptop.

1. Capacity RAM

Windows 32-bit version will use a RAM with a small size or standard, usually ram used under 4 GB then the result will be maximal use windows 32bit version, but if you have a measure of capacity ram 4 GB or more then you should use windows 64 bit version of course computer performance will be maximized.

But for the latest release, laptop installed with windows 64bit version although with 2GB ram, but the hardware is very supportive so performance is still good. stay customize the software you want to install the 64bit version try.

2. Compatibility Software

Software compatibility here is the application can be installed with both versions.Suppose you use a 64bit version of windows then you can also install 32bit, but if you install the 32bit version of Windows, it can only install software 32 bit version only.

So for 64bit versions of Windows Compatibility Software is superior, but much better and more leverage. 64bit version of windows is better to use the software with a 64bit version too.

3. Process Speed ​​Data

For 64bit versions of Windows will process more data and faster, but it must be balanced with adequate hardware, but if the hardware with the quality and capacity is being should use the 32 bit version it will be equally maximum and quick process.

I think you have to balance between the needs of hardware and software on your computer or laptop. Adjust to the state of new hardware matched with the right software.

Advantages Disadvantages DAK Windows 32-bit and 64-bit
After seeing the above difference, of course we can deduce what the advantages and disadvantages of the two versions, briefly the following pros and cons:

64 bit 

Have advantages with the performance of maximum access speed, and the capability to the 32bit version software. but has the disadvantage that requires adequate hardware ranging from the size of the RAM and others.

32 bit

Maximum performance with small RAM and does not require hardware with large capacity, Lack not compatible with the 64bit version of the software.

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