WordPress templates, how to choose themes without dying in the attempt


WordPress templates, how to choose themes without dying in the attempt

To choose a WordPress template first thing you have to do is arm yourself with patience . The amount of free templates available on the Internet is overwhelming. Both ThemeForest as MyThemeShop have hundreds of them. If we add all the premium themes you can easily get out of hand. So calm. Let's go step by step describing the important and essential points to a logical purchase or a free download accountable.

What use are you going to give the WordPress template?

  • Web page.
  • Blog.
  • Create an online store.

Mix of the above: website or blog online store.
Being clear about our project , or at least the main, which is the use we are going to give our WordPress template, start walking on the right foot the way.
When you embark on a professional adventure need time to mature. Reflection and distance to see things in perspective are basic. The structure of a web page or blog   is similar. Although you can always change things around, change and add sections, most likely you need help if you're not a professional blogger or an experienced web designer. Deciding on a type of theme takes time.

Take a few days. Although it seems bullshit it is not. The first impact of a wordpress template has nothing to do with how you feel afterwards. In this business it is better to lose a week thinking that theme buy , you give for good the first we see and then repent. This is a key and critical in choosing the topic of your blog that will support the entire structure of the site point. Like Da whether free or paid . If you have a high percentage of success in this program you will have tranquility and satisfaction after point. Otherwise, the future of your website will be full of changes and continuous updates. Then do not say I have not warned.

WordPress Template theme free or premium?

Currently I have two opinions. There are some templates free wordpress which are very good   and are perfectly suited to many projects. But I also tell you that I always play code and modify design. Although it is a little thing I always do.

On the side of buying a theme is the advantage that bring a lot of functionality. If you do not have a web designer or want to save that money the best option is to   buy a premium wordpress template . It is safest for a while do not need any changes and if the time comes that you need them itself, mean that the project is ongoing and moving.


If your company already has experience and move volume, wordpress template decision should be left to a professional. You can say what you like and what you want to do the web, but everyone knows of his subjects and a professional designer or blogger you can greatly facilitate the task.
If you want to know which to me best results give me, here I say here responsive wordpress templates that I like. If you go right instead of money or want to start from scratch, throwing you to the adventure and test your all-as many do- try the free WordPress themes that do not go bad.
If you choose the gratuitous, do not embales we know each other. After two hours have downloaded dozens of wordpress templates, so you will touch prove which is better suited to the ideas you have in mind.
My personal recommendation is that you make an installation of WordPress on your computer, both the free and premium themes . He fiddles with them locally, installs and published without proof in hosting. I assure you that if you do well you're going to destroy all templates several times until you reach the ideal point of control over all its functions.

How to select the best theme for your project

If your project is a blog discards all corporate templates . These usually have a design with Home or home page different from the rest, which will have more code added. Later you may get dizzy. If you want a website structure, then look to have multiple home page settings, home and sections about us, services, etc. You must also have the option to create a blog with professional features.

Some important features are:

  • Design for mobile and tablets (responsive).
  • Different templates for home page, about us, etc.
  • modified sidebars.
  • Contact forms.
  • Widget subscription.
  • social plugin Facebook, Google+, etc.
  • Setting different screen sizes and widths.
  • visual builder pages or page builder.
  • Support for e-commerce Woocomerce type.
  • Slider and photo galleries.
  • multi-language support.

And from these basic options you can find more or less functionality, but basically, the characteristics of the wordpress template should these not leave you lying to the first change. Of course, always thinking you have no idea of code. If you know how to program, surely all this that I say brings you hove .

Responsive WordPress template or with support for multiple devices

This is fundamental. Today a good template wordpress has to be with   responsive design . By this it is meant that the design theme supports mobile devices, tablets and different resolutions and screen sizes. Anyone entering the web can browse information it perfectly adapted to the device used. Moreover, the same almighty Google has released an update to its algorithm to penalize those pages that do not support mobile, which today is highly recommended. If you are interested to   know if your site is adapted to mobile you can do it here .
Trick to choose wordpress template: You can try on the web that tell the theme before you buy. Visit the demo  the test, as some surprises.

Besides doing this, I would try the theme in different browsers. You must test the template in Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer . Also test and emulate different types of phones and tablets.You can do this perfectly with Chrome. They are striking differences you find between viewing a web in a browser and other. Really. This step is extremely important .
Do you think much roll and excessive testing to buy a Wordrpess template? Well look different browsers and devices from which people wear this blog.

If you realize, do not have a mobile site that works on tablets or whatever comes calling it a good theme responsive is a true digital suicide.

Today, I have the honor to give more content to mobile desktop computers so my digital when selecting and purchasing a template wordpress strategy always includes all these options.
Theme with multi language support
Free themes in common that you can not add different languages. If you want this feature you must go to premium wordpress templates or buy a WPML multi language plugin . This is necessary if your business works with different countries.

But if you do only  USA.

If you want to reach customers in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the Basque Country. Add the language spoken in a certain region can be an extra point in your business strategy that a customer can thank. You know, make a difference is usually the best way to attract customers. A multilingual staff can help you in this.

WordPress SEO template

Although indicate the vast majority of themes that are ready for the SEO is a lie . Almost always you have to make internal tweaks to make fine website. This point has a major flaw themes both free and premium wordpress templates. It is unfortunate but true. The so - called SEO on Page of wordpress templates is almost always a disaster. However, many people do not touch anything and position decently, so imagine what you could accomplish with a little SEO. However, in the themes premium SEO noted to be more careful.
Apart from this, I assume you're going to install a Yoast and All in One SEO plugin type.

Speed ​​page load

Important that loads quickly on any browser and device. There are many wordpress themes that offer multitude of features, sidebars, footers, categories and scripts that do everything. Unfortunately, the more things make a web longer it takes to load content and this directly affects the time that people endure. The  best wordpress template is that it takes less time to load , so keep it in mind.
You have to balance speed with quality design blog template or corporate site.

Neither great nor small. Obviously, if the theme is nice milk and has thousands of functions and load very fast it is that is a genius. Buy immediately and do not hesitate. However, it is normal that not. If you have many plugin and additions will be slightly slower when you activate.

Furthermore, the loading speed of the website affects the positioning. If your website takes a few seconds longer than usual to load search engines can penalize you. Or so they say ... Actually, I am left with usability.Who could sit a slow site, it takes too long to load. It is frustrating and a complete waste of time. I close the page and something else ...

What about you? Do you expect that all sites are loaded?

Updating templates and themes

Free templates have some updates but usually are sporadic and the support is poor. This when there. It is logical to think that there are limitations. Nobody works for free -well, almost no one, so you have to go  order to update what you need.

For these cases the premium templates are much better. Have frequent updates and support. Although care. This does not mean that they modify the code. The support means will help to errors. If you want to change the theme's your question.
In addition to this, the updates are important because they fix bugs and security flaws but also need to be careful. Before updating a template to do a backup because you could lose changes you made ​​if   you created a child theme . Something you should consider before starting your website.

Local Install WordPress template

Do not be vagrancy and get to work. If you already have clear the steps to choose the best wordpress template for your project, it is essential that you have a local installation. It's easier than it looks and give you ease and skill to manage your website. So keep the real, which everyone sees without groping and tests that can destroy your positioning .

One of the advantages of installing the wordpress template locally is that you can destroy it as many times as you want without anything happening. All tests, modifications sidebar, menus and color customizations can deploy to the actual site when they are safe. So you keep your internet site clean.

Where to buy templates WordPress

ThemeForest   Mythemeshop
In these two sites you will find hundreds of templates for WordPress. With galleries, sidebars and plug any kind. In addition are two sites web design where there is good support. Honestly, there are many templates that sometimes it is difficult to choose.

As for the price of the wordpress template say that there is variety in this regard. You can find very good things at economic prices or go to for the most functional and modern for a slightly higher amount. In any case, these are our regular suppliers.
I encourage you to hit a look and decide for yourself if you really worth.
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