Avoid !! Tea After Eating Turns Dangerous


Avoid !! Tea After Eating Turns Dangerous

Most people have the habit of drinking tea after a meal . Usually often done in the morning while having breakfast or at night. Tea became one of the favorite beverage for every circle, high popularity in Indonesia so that the tea is increasingly becoming the choice of drinks to be consumed. No wonder again that tea is the best friend a favor when you're done eating.

None of these things turn out to be detrimental to the body, and not just a discourse, in a study of drinking tea after consuming food, especially rice, it can be fatal to the health of the body. Although, it is believed that tea has high antioxidant content and also can serve as a fat burner in the body, but there is danger lurking when one in eat them.

Besides being able to serve dishes on menus restourant.If or places to eat, tea is also often used as material for coloring foods such as cakes and so on, because of the smell of the fragrant tea and natural color. In certain countries like japan or china tea is one of the obligatory drinks they should consume each day.
Well, then we'll see what makes dangerous when dimunum tea after a meal, please see the review below:

As a result of drinking tea after a meal:

1. Make the food to be wasted

Although tea provides countless benefits for the body, but there is another side if one of the tea consumed. We need to know that when a person drinks / tea consumed after a meal, for example, tea boxes, tea bags or tea is usually served with a sieve, then the impact is about the food that we consume that can inhibit the absorption of nutrients from the foods in our intestines. Absorption of food is reduced as much as 65% of normal. It turns out tea is much higher than when consuming the coffee which is only about 40%, lower 15% of the tea.

2. Binding Iron in the Body

Tea contain a substance therein and catechin tannins, but can reduce the absorption of nutrients from food, there are other things that also make tea is harmful when consumed after a meal. Tannins substances contained in tea can bind iron in the body. Due to that caused when bound iron in the body is reduced production of red blood cells and can cause anemia. For those of you who often drink tea after a meal, we suggest that you can reduce your can even leave it. You need to know that anemia is a very dangerous disease.

You should avoid consuming tea in ways below:

1. To drink in Infants

For those of you who have the first baby should avoid giving him drink enough tea or milk with breast milk for the baby. Because if the baby is consuming tea will affect the brain, causing the baby becomes restless sleep

2. Drink tea-temperature Heat

The impact caused when a person consuming hot tea in keaadaan is trigger canker sores, cracked tongue and also can lead to inflammation of the throat.

3. Consumming Ice Tea

In addition to the tea can be consumed in hot conditions also often served tea in a cold state. Maybe they think they can remove your thirst when finished sport, after a long tiring or chills due to the hot weather. However, please be aware when someone consumed tea in the cold, osalat content contained therein will result in the kidneys. These substances can trigger the formation of kidney stones.However, you do not need kwatir to eat them if in a state of reasonable or not very often. So this time information about the dangers of drinking tea after a meal .

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