Build Your Own SEO Tools Free


Build Your Own SEO Tools Free

What SEO tool want to "build" for you?

What if I told you that you can create your own SEO tool?
Does the SEO tool "perfect" based on very specific needs of a small audience? Well , that is exactly the option that'll give through this post :)part and leave your mark on the history of SEO with me.

Hey! What happens reader!

Time passes very fast and these days I'm immersed in creating a new theme as 2 of my meganichos, to which my hours have been very limited, but I assure you all that work also revert into articles for  Meetarticles .
Today I come to do a content that tries to be short .   It's a post where I would ask for your active participation  .

The participation of readers in general, because that way I think we can create something really cool among all.
A joint creation between B30 and B30 readers itself.
At this time I will not give too many details, but I'm starting to work with a programmer on some projects (the same that will create the new theme for niches).
One such project involves creating a SEO tool as we roll this market in 2016, (although not due out in the short term).
To do the best that  occurred to me is to ask my readers exactly what they believe they can create and thereby improve the world of SEO  .

But before…

(Best) SEO tools on the market today

Then I'll make a brief assessment of the best and most popular SEO tools we work in the Hispanic market. They will be few for the post is not eternal ,
I know them pretty well, so I'll identify some of its main strengths and discuss possible improvements fleetingly.
Thus you will see "what currently exists (and well done)" what "players" have the time to work and so maybe that will help detect possible gaps where we can create something "new" or "better " .

SEMRush - find the best keywords competition

The best
It is currently the reference tool for webmasters. Very good to find the words that bring traffic to our competition and thereby try to beat them with SEO strategies and content.
It's a pretty complete tool, perhaps its module link building still out far from the quality standard of other SEO tools, just as its estimate of organic traffic is somewhat imprecise.

Sistrix - measurement of organic growth and keyword research

The best
A Swiss army knife like few others . The best (for me) of Sistrix is your fucking visibility index .Their algorithm measures traffic and organic growth of a web as nobody does. It is also cojonuda to keyword research (although many are unaware).
Few things could say "bad" Sistrix as it is one of the most complete tools, but I can think of one thing that can be a grace period for the world's webmaster basis: the price. For me it's worth it, but many admin see her face.

Seobox - tracking of positions (for the moment)

The best
This bitch box will increasingly closer to becoming the eighth wonder of the world SEO. It has improved a lot since the last post where I talked about it , but so far its core is in the trackeo positions with RankBOX. (Very) difficult to do better.
Some modules as CacheBOX are perhaps more oriented to a larger audience SEO , my intention is to make the extensible tool for any blogger or webmaster in general. At the core of RankBOX there are no gaps, so I will not be able to "attack the core" (tracking).

Ahrefs - the reference to the link building work

The best
It is the most accurate and powerful at detecting links from any web and trackearlos (measure your authority does better Majestic) tool. Find an enormous amount of links. If you are SEO or webmaster you can not work without Ahrefs. It is a rival hard to beat.
The public that is not SEO or webmaster you miss quite understanding Ahrefs. Again, I think it is much more focused on this audience but most of "bloggers" use do not know how it works.

What I have to do to participate?

Something very basic that will not take more than 1 minute. Leave a comment in this post explaining what type of tool would you have existed in the SEO market  .
We will get to work on it and it'll use my own blog (and niche) as a guinea pig.
At the time of her out to the market logically be a payment tool, we will invest many months of work, programming and testing it, but the price is likely to be derisory, ie, something that any (and I stress it of any ) small webmaster can allow, i want to make SEO accessible to more people.
The idea is to create something that brings much more than it costs. It is a philosophy that I feel very comfortable because I think that somehow or another then the digital karma you get it back.
In addition, probably we launch exclusive promos for my subscribers so if you have not already done is a good time to sign up for the newsletter 😉And to finish…

I'll help if throwing some questions might give you some inspiration :
What problem experience with SEO software that can automate?
What would you consider the SEO "perfect" tool?
What the you would focus? > SEO on page (Google Panda, Response User) / SEO off page (link building) / Keyword Research
I want to know what would be the ultimate SEO tool for you reader. We have the opportunity to do something unique and as based only on feedback from readers, something that has never been done before.
Then you use a tool that many more people and will make a great contribution to the world of Hispanic SEO.
Soon more.

Final Words
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