Easy ways to speed up your WiFi


Easy ways to speed up your WiFi

Most routers are put near your television or telephone, but the subsequent signals. TV LED TV and other electronic devices such as the iPhone router with LED lights, speakers, monitors and better kept away from AC power chord.

Wireless signals from devices to broadcast
Bluetooth speaker affect wireless signals, so keep the router away from the speaker, or if they use baby monitors to keep away from the Wi-Fi router.

Use the password
Your home broadband network to be protected by a password also increases speed. The sight of which devices are using your network, the more devices will be internet speed is so low.

Make me to reboot your router
The router is a safe way to increase the speed to reboot, but every time may slow Wi-Fi speeds to manual, automatic to create a schedule that will restart the router in a day or week.

Get Signal Booster
Antenna high power antennas are generally deprived of the router can send powerful signals. SMD signal booster can increase the range and strength of Wi-Fi.

Take a rotor
Placed anywhere in the house to another router, you can get help maximize Wi-Fi signals.