Most Common Problems about slow computers


Most Common Problems about slow computers

There is no user in the world who does not think the computer you are using does not behave like the first time I turned it on, however, there are few who really know why this situation exists. Most of us have a pretty misconception of the reason for the decline in team performance over time.

On the Internet we can find hundreds of tutorials about what are the best tricks to speed up our computer, and most of them blame only a couple of suspects: Viruses and little RAM. While they may get to be right in certain scenarios, the fact is that there are many other variables , which try to clarify throughout this article.

Increase performance by eliminating personal files

Most users assume that having many documents, music, videos or photos slows down the operation of a computer. Nothing is further from reality. The only problem we could have derived from having much space occupied with our files disk is we run out of room for programs that work properly.
This space is critical for programs store their temporary files when you are running, and if not found, it is likely that the PC running desperately slow.

The most common myths about slow computers

To solve this problem, all we have to do is buy a new disk and transfer this part of the load, but never let go of our personal files.
The malware is to blame for all
There is no doubt that the malware has a good share of the blame most of the time a PC is running slow, however, malware or virus that leaves such an important clue to its presence in a system is a program that has been very poorly designed, because the first rule for this type of software is that the user does not notice that has been affected.

The most common myths about slow computers

This means that the chances are that if your computer is slow, the fault does not liemalware or virus, but something else. The first thing he thinks a designer virus is in its development do not show signs of activity, because otherwise, we will remove it assoon starts to perform its task.

Clean the Windows registry to improve performance

Unfortunately for many users who religiously perform this task, cleaning the registry does not accelerate the performance of a computer. More despite all the supply in software, both free and pay to clean registry, the truth is that none of them serves to nothing . Just give the illusion that it is.

The most common myths about slow computers

As we know, in the Windows registry programs store part of its configuration, that being uninstalled the software that kept him there, it is likely to remain. But just take a very few kilobytes of space, and remove them from there they will not make any difference .
Moreover, it is likely that constantly play with the Windows registry, we achieve something stops working properly, with the consequent loss of time and money to solve the problem.

Reinstall the operating system solves any problem

Chances are that once, commenting our problem with another user, we have advised that reinstalemos the operating system from scratch. Of course this will solve any problem related to the performance that can have the computer, however, is what worst thing we can do, because although reinstall an entire operating system we can take about 15 minutes, the truth is usually not taken into account all the time and effort required to reinstall all of the remaining software, as well as updates and any another custom element as fonts, wallpapers, and other documents that we may have installed.

The most common myths about slow computers

In addition we have the need to make a backup of all your files before launching the task.
Replace hardware performance guarantees
Another very ingrained myth among users is one that ensures that the replacement of some hardware of our PC will ensure a significant leap in the performance of the team. While this may be true in some cases, everything has to do with the component you are replacing .

A classic case is that of video cards. Even though we have the budget to buy a video card of 2Gb. Of RAM, if only used for office or to surf the Internet, will not notice any difference regarding came with the motherboard, ie the plate " onboard ".

The most common myths about slow computers

Another common case is the speed of hard drives. Mechanical drives are basically classified into two types . Those that spin at 5400 RPM, and rotating at 7200 RPM, with the speed higher rotation, the fastest However, after a few months of use, this difference it shrinks dramatically, mainly because their heads have to access many points to gather the information we asked, and the more files you have, more specifically to look to find what we need.
This means that when replacing a disk of 5400 RPM for one of 7200 practically willnot notice a difference.   However, at this point we can choose to purchase a disk type SSD, having no mechanical parts, it is able to transfer data an incredibly higher than any traditional hard disk speed.

The most common myths about slow computers

Another point that most users errs in RAM. While a greater amount of it, the more capacity a computer has, the truth is that not all applications can take advantage of 16 or 32 Gb. RAM. Also keep in mind that not all versions of Windows can use all memory that we install, since for example Windows 32 - bit only supports up to 4Gb.


If all users well we would like the computer we use every day ran like a Swiss watch,the truth is rarely can achieve, because there are many factors that threaten to make this happen, and truth be added while work more hours to leave Windows like silk, it is something that only one person can face too obsessive.

The best in these cases is to take things slowly, and try to isolate the problem calmly, however, we must not forget the tips that we saw in this article, not to make a mistake that can be more problematic than try fix. If you liked this page, you can share ...
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