How to lose fat quickly and how to build muscle


How to lose fat quickly and how to build muscle

In episodes how to lose fat quickly and how to build muscle, we know that there is an unmistakable similarity between one and my goal to burn fat and build muscle: requires both the use of full-body, multi-joint exercises that activate many muscles at the same time.

When it comes to full-body exercises, some more effective than others, so in this article, you will learn 5 exercises for the entire body that get most results in the shortest period of time. (Links below each exercise to participate in a demonstration video of the movement).

5 best full-body exercises

body exercise # 1: Turkish get up

I may be buff fitness, but my history and geography skills are not quite up to par, so I'm not quite sure how why this process is the "Turkish", but the "get-up" part is easy to understand once you've tried this step.

To complete the Turkish get up, lie down on your side, with a dumbbell in one hand. It should be held at arm's length from the dumbbell. From this position, you simply stand up, while maintaining the overhead dumbbell in an arm. This means that you have one arm and two legs only to help both the position and push the weight of the dumbbells as you stand.

This exercise can be difficult to know, but if you can do 3-4 sets of 5-10 Turkish get-ups on each side, then you're probably in a very good condition!

Full-body workout No. 2: Squats Swing

For this exercise, hold dumbbells or exercise cattle bell crank up your feet stretched out one, then the decline in the position of the squat with your butt pushed behind you, your back straight and your heels firmly planted. Now, standing in the middle of the road so that when they start to swing the dumbbell at speeds of up to reverse the trend, and come down to the full squat position again, then stand up as strongly as you swing the dumbbell overhead.

If you do this exercise as explosive as possible, and I highly recommend, you will find that the rate of your heartbeat will get too high with a few repetitions, making a swing squat on both the practice of cardiovascular and strength building.

Full-body workout No. 3: Medicine Ball Championships

This is a great exercise relieve stress, and also helps to build strength and athletics in the upper body, core, and legs. It is also very easy to learn a full body exercise.
To do a slam medicine ball, you can simply get a medicine ball (those big heavy balls you can often find at the gym angle), lift it up, and then swing your arms as you release the ball and slamming him to the ground is hard as possible.
As you can imagine, this can be a practice out loud, so you might want to create a special area of ​​the gym (like the room to exercise an empty), and will also need to be careful not to let the ball bounce up and hit you in the face!
For an additional challenge, and I sometimes finishing a workout full of exhaustion with 50-100 criticizes the medicine ball.

Full-body workout # 4: Burpees (aka jumps Squat-storming)

As outrageous practice used by specialists in physical fitness programs, exercises Berbera is one of those movements that you love to hate. It will give you a full body workout in a matter of minutes only, but also requires a great deal of focus and intensity.
Here's how to do Berbie exercises: From a standing position, squat down, put your hands on the floor, kick your legs behind you, doing push-up (optional), and then kick legs reserves in a squatting position, stand up and jump as you swing over your arms. If you are an advanced exerciser or want to add more "gravity" for this exercise, you can wear a weighted vest as you do your burpees.
Most of the exercises Berbera exercises would involve doing a series of 10, 15, or 20 burpees as part of the circuit full-body weight or body weight training, but you can do only 1-2 minutes of burpees in the morning tonic wonderful your metabolism to move on!

Full-body workout # 5: deadlift, to the top of the press

Press hypothesis deadlift up a fairly simple: you choose a heavy object from the ground and lift it up. The object can be a dumbbell, iron, cattle bell exercises, medicine ball, sand, or, if you work out with a partner, so someone else!
When selecting an object from the ground, which is called the deadlift, you will need to have a good shape: we look forward with knees bent, meddle in our affairs, and straight back.
You then stand up, and as you stand or after you are in a standing position, raise the weight load - Use your hip and leg muscles to help your upper body weight up with leadership.