How To Repair An External Hard Drive And Retrieve Files


How To Repair An External Hard Drive And Retrieve Files

If you've got here really you want to recover a hard drive with files. Fortunately there are some simple steps that can teach you how to repair an external hard drive. Also, if the computer does not recognize the USB or SATA device may be damaged boot sector.

Follow me it is very simple and will be very useful. In addition, it will also help you to recover files on a flash drive.

Before proceeding with the repair of external hard drive you should know that no data loss sometimes when recovering, but it is always better to lose some data lose them all, do not you think?

Using chkdsk command in the console
The first thing to do is run the Windows command console to start recovering a hard drive.

Perform the following:

1. In the Windows Start bar and in the "Search programs and files" type cmd and press enter. the typical black screen appears.

2. Type chkdsk [and letter of your hard drive] and press enter. For example, in my case I wrote "chkdsk d:"

If you have computer Administrator permissions will begin examining your hard drive and when finished the process will show something similar to the image above. This is the report on the state of your hard disk and indicates the health of the same.

If chkdsk does not show something like this can happen two things:

  • You do not have administrator permissions.
  • Boot sectors of the disk is damaged.
  • If the first option, typing chkdsk and press enter indicates that you do not have the same privileges as in the image below, you must close and open the command prompt with administrator permissions and return to (point 2).

If this is not the case with the process continues in point 4. You may boot sectors of the disk are so damaged that the system is not able to run a pre-file repair analysis.

3. Look at the line indicating bad sectors. Here you'll know if something happens to your hard drive.

4. If you have bad sectors. Write chkdsk [and letter of your hard disk] / F.
With the / F parameter which makes chkdsk again it is to review all sectors and repair hard drive errors. That is, if you have a bad sector because they do not know how to properly disconnect an external disk, CHKDSK / F will solve it.

5. Go to My Computer and check that it works correctly your external hard drive and you can access all data